Signature WiFi Programmable thermostat controller

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Signature WiFi Programmable thermostat controller


Model Number: NuHeat-Signature

Max output: 3600W

User manual


Touch screen WiFi 7-day programmable thermostat controller. Energy Use Monitor. Suitable for commercial rooms and residential living areas.
-2ON, 2OFF stages per day
-Built in ambient air sensor
-Max Temperature Range Internal Sensor: 40 Degrees C
-16 Amps direct switching (3600watts)
-Display accuracy: 0.5 Degrees C
-Switching accuracy 0.5 Degrees C
-Weight 0.30 kg

Energy Use Monitor: View and track hourly, weekly and monthly usage on the thermostat or on the portal.
WiFi App: both Android & Apple

Control up to:
3 x 1200W heaters
4 x 900W heaters
6 x 600W heaters from one controller