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HeaterMate with Timer


Cut your Heating and Cooling costs, enjoy constant room temperature with our new Digital Thermostat Plug HeaterMate.

Model Number: Model HY02TP
Operating voltage: 240V AC/ 50Hz

Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 70°C

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Key Features

1. As easy to operate as the previous Heatermate model in the Manual mode (comes as default) – “set and forget”.

2. Built-in simple Timer with ON/OFF times for each day – to be operated in Manual mode.

3. Built-in 7 days Timer with different SET temperatures for different times during the day and days of the week – to be operated in Automatic mode.

4. Larger display showing time, status, SET temperature, room temperature and other information.

5. Child lock. Activated automatically after 10 minutes. Press and hold Down button for 3 seconds then release to deactivate.


Model Number:
Operating voltage:
240V AC/ 50Hz;
Load (Max):
10A 2400W (resistive)
Operating Temperature:
0°C ~ 70°C.
Heating or Cooling