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Far Infrared Technology


    Infrared Spectrum

    The Infrared thermal spectrum is broken down into three categories:

    Heat-On heating panels operate in the Far Infrared spectrum producing sun like heat tuned between 9-14 micron meters.

    Humans can not see this light, but know of its existence from the warmth they feel. To further explain how it is felt imagine yourself on a picnic during a hot summer day. It has become picnic protocol to set up the food under the shade of a tree.

    The air temperature does not change from the sun to the shade. So, why set up in the shade when the air temperature is the same in both locations? Because, it’s the far infrared rays from the sun that raise the skin’s temperature when in direct contact.

    Homes & Buildings

    Enjoy warm floors, fog-free mirrors and full use of wall and floor space with quiet, sun like radiant warmth.

    Heat-On heating technology has been independently performance tested, the results showed that you can install up to 33% less wattage compared to heat pumps (inverters and split systems). Also up to 50% less wattage when compared to convective wall mounted heaters.

    The low amperage requirements for Heat-On panels can usually be provided by existing 240V circuits. The 33-50% wattage reduction eliminates the need for dedicated wiring. Wherever a single Heat-On panel is specified, an existing 10Amp circuit will always be adequate for the additional load. Making retro-fitting installations a breeze.

    Hot Yoga

    Heat-On’s FIR heating technology is also highly desired for Hot Yoga studio applications. Heat-On’s 1600W yoga specific heating panels have been chemically tuned to emit a 9 micron meter frequency, this allows the human body to absorb more than 98% of this heating energy! This provides exceptional deep tissue penetration and detox.

    Bikram Hot Yoga studios like to heat up to temperatures as high as 42 Degrees C. Heat-On’s patented FIR heating technology provides the most energy efficient heating solution available today whilst having the slimmest heaters available on the market. Heat-On’s FIR Yoga heaters are the ideal heating solution carefully fine tuned after three years of feedback from yoga studio operators located in; Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Canada, Alaska, Germany, Slovenia, Australia & New Zealand. Due to the health benefits, fast warm up times, system efficiency and the fact that our heating technology doesn’t effect humidity levels, Heat-On’s FIR technology is the ideal heating solution for your yoga studio.

    Color Matching & Digital Printing

    Heat-On heating panels can be color matched to any colour under the sun. This is quite a specialsed process where the heating plates and frames are dismantled upon receipt of the order, and under go a spray painting process in two pack polyurethane matt or gloss finish.

    Heat-On heating panels can also be finished in a beautiful high resloution 600dpi digital print. Using high quality Durst Rho Rigid Inks, which are heat & moisture stabalised. So you can get really creative the skies the limit abstracts, cars, or your favorite artists painting. Minimum order quantities and additional costs apply.

    Key Advantages

    Heat-On heaters are as easy to install as a light fitting

    • No ductwork, no maintenance and zone controlled.
    • Pay for the heat only when you need it.
    • Ideal for cathedral / split level heating.
    • 5 year replacement warranty (residential).
    • Range of panel outputs and sizes specially developed for Australian conditions.
    • Minimal noise, no dust or vibration – just simple healthy heat when you need it most.
    The Bottom Line is

    The majority of regional Australia does not have natural gas infrastructure. Making Heat-On heaters an attractive electric heating alternative to wood fire or bottled gas heating. Our heating panels are light and easy to install so any competent local electrical contractor can install and wire the heaters & thermostat controllers.

    The energy savings associated with the installation of our Heat-On heating system would be obtainable in a great portion of Australian homes and buildings.

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