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Whole House Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Affordable Whole House Heat Recovery Ventilation System


    Save Energy with a Whole House Heat Recovery Ventilation System

    A whole house heat recovery ventilation system can save you on heating costs, while at the same time providing a more pleasant living environment through the regular replenishment of stale air with fresh, filtered air.

    Heat already present in the air inside a home can be recovered when that air is being expelled from the building and then transferred across to fresh incoming air by means of a heat exchanger. This is an environmentally friendly means of controlling the internal temperature of a house, and typically 90% or more of the heat present inside the air can be recovered before being expelled.

    In a whole house heat recovery ventilation system heat is transferred through a system of separate pipes, with one set of pipes carrying warmer stale air to the outside, and the other bringing in cooler fresh air. Passive heat radiation in the pipes warms up the incoming air, which means that this air does not need to be heated up to the same degree as if it entered the building unaffected. A whole house heat recovery system thereby succeeds in helping to keep down overall heating costs, and because the incoming air is being filtered prior to distribution around the home, the overall quality of air within the home will be cleaner and healthier as a result of stale air being expelled to the outside.

    The two separate air streams within the whole house ventilation system do not mix, as they travel through separate pipe systems within the heat exchanger. This ensures that air pollutants and other contaminants are exhausted and replaced by fresh filtered air.

    When heating is required in cooler months, heat will be transferred from the warm indoor exhaust air into the cold outdoor supply air within the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger will transfer heat across and also expel moist air thereby helping to keep humidity down. In warmer months the opposite process can occur with heat being transferred from the warm/hot outdoor supply air into the cool indoor exhaust air. Again, this all takes place inside the heat exchanger within the whole house ventilation system. The outcome is a reduction in the temperature of the fresh air coming in as well as its moisture content, meaning that the incoming air is cooler and less humid, and will need less energy to be brought to a comfortable room temperature.

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