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wall panel heater with thermostat



    Everyone wants to have a heater that is efficient as well as economical. If you have a conventional heater that is consuming too much energy while not giving the desired warmth, you are advised to go for wall panel heater with thermostat as it is the perfect solution for you. Heat-On Heating Systems, one of the leading companies in the region, offers high-quality and reliable panel heater at an affordable price. Our heating panel will eliminate cold spots throughout the environment that will give an even warmth in the room or whichever area you have installed it in.

    Our panel heater is wall mounted so that you can utilise the space that was used by the conventional stand-alone heater previously, for some useful purpose. We have designed our heating systems keeping your comfort in our mind. Thus, there will be no wastage of heat energy and you will get maximum warmth at a low energy cost that will help you save money.

    Not just that, our goal is to provide you with the perfect solution. Hence, our panel heater with thermostat can be customised and you will get the warmth of your desire. Moreover, it comes with the no fan or blower motor so you can rest assured that they are super quiet and you can enjoy a peaceful sleep while the heater is running.

    All of our products are stylish, slim and get minimum wall space and are perfect for small rooms such as bedrooms, studies, conservatories and loft conversions and for rooms used less frequently. Our manual and timer versions have an adjustable thermostat offering a wide temperature range including a frost protection setting of 5°c. For maximum safety there is a thermal cut-out on all models to prevent overheating, should the outlet grille be accidentally covered.

    They usually work by heating the air that is in the room. It starts with passing the cool air through the heater, as it starts to get warm, the hot air comes out and then rises, pushing the cooler air down. This makes what is known as a convection heating cycle, where the cooler air in the room sinks, goes through the heater and then rises when it gets warm until all of the air in the room is heated and a constant temperature has been achieved.

    Due to the way that they work, these are considered to be the most efficient way of heating rooms. They do not have to be expensive to run. The amount of energy used always depends on how large and cold the room is. Like any other product used during the daytime, these heaters will use normal rate electricity, however, our range features highly accurate thermostats to help reduce running costs by avoiding over-heating space.

    To reduce costs, we have a number of thermostats and timers with advanced timers for even greater temperature control and economy, enabling you to match the heating to your occupancy for maximum comfort at minimum cost.

    Reasons Why You Require This:

    Some of the main reasons that you would use a panel heater would be:

    • You are always looking to heat a room for a long time, such as a utility room or a conservatory.
    • You require this to back up your main heating system.
    • You want to heat a room that you only use occasionally, such as offices or a spare bedroom.

    We are the trusted source for innovative wall-mounted, electric panel heaters. We were first to bring you the imported electric panel heaters. These are the most innovative, safe, efficient, electric wall heater in the world and built with state of the art technologies to continue the performances for a long time.

    Slim, safe, silent, and comfortable, our wall-mounted heaters can deliver up to 50% savings on your heating bills. These heaters are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, quiet, and save on heating bills. It operates without moving parts and distributes air without the use of a fan.

    We believe that this quality product is the safest in the world. It has a cool exterior that is barely above room temperature and the new latest technology that we built into it that will shut power off if the heater is ever removed from the wall. These have a sleep-friendly, auto-dimming on/off power light and now capable of storing their cord inside the unit.

    Our engineers are constantly improving, innovating, and releasing new models and features. We now offer the latest models, commercially certified, making them perfect for hotels, apartments, child-care, elderly-care, retreat, and education facilities. We are so confident in the design and robust construction. If you love the concept energy saving heaters, we are certain you will love our wall mounted heaters and invite you to join the hundreds of thousands of other satisfied customers who are using our machines in all kinds of premises.

    With its fully programmable thermostat and user-friendly controls, this heater puts you in total control over how much energy you use. It brings the easiness for the users to generate the same amount of temperature as they desire to bring in their bathroom.  It cuts heating bills by getting the room temperature just how you like it down to the degree and program your heater to turn on or off according to your schedule. Countless features have been added to this panel heater with thermostat with the only purpose to bring the best environment.

    Whenever we buy something, there is always an amount of things. With the concern of wall panel heater with thermostat, there are several companies dealing with these things but we are the one competent organization that dispenses the quality-assured machines against the most competitive prices. We always ensure the best-guaranteed results against a low budget.

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