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wall mounted radiant heater

Highly Efficient Yet Reasonably Priced Wall Mounted Radiant Heater


    Do you have a conventional heater that is taking up a lot of space in your room? Does the heater you have installed in your home, consume a lot of energy still does not provide enough heat? If you facing such issues, you do not have to worry anymore. Heat-On Heating Systems, one of the leading companies in the market has got you covered with our high-quality and reliable wall mounted panel heater.

    When it comes to panel heater, we have been providing such products for years and ensure to deliver what our clients are looking for. Hence, you can rest assured to get the best if you are ordering from us. Wall mounted radiant heater is used among homes frequently. However, it is also perfect for many other commercial properties such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, schools, townhouses, and many more.

    Our radiant heating panels transfer heat in the form of FAR infrared energy that provides an even warmth throughout the area where it is installed. Not just that it is the most efficient heating panel available in the market, but is economical as well. First of all, it comes at an affordable price and then it also saves 40% energy that helps in reducing bills. So order your wall mounted heater today from Heat-On Heating Systems and enjoy the benefits.

    Our heaters are specifically designed to heat up quickly and can be used to provide a rapid and pleasant warmth. These can be installed independently from your main central heating system, making them a popular choice for heating less frequently used rooms such as spare bedrooms. These heaters are available in several modes according to the demand of different sizes of properties. We have a comprehensive range of these heaters, from basic models that are perfect as a temporary measure to more advanced heaters with energy-saving features. Our quality assured machines are maintained with industry-standard technologies to make the environment perfectly established with a decent amount of heat.

    Our wall mounted panel heater is slim, safe, silent, and comfortable, and can deliver up to 50% savings on your heating bills. Our machines are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, quiet, and save on bills to provide the maximum benefits to our precious customers. This mechanism works without moving parts and distributes air without using a fan as the other systems do. However, our heater is more efficient because of the 100% pure convection design that can easily be installed and adapted in every space.

    Our wall mounted heaters are easy to use, safe and controllable, provide quality heating comfort and reliability. Our robust units offer variable temperature selection and they heat immediately with a steady radiant heat. They blend elegantly and into the background and are easy to install on the wall and require only a standard electrical connection. The spray proof housing, solid tubular elements, and double insulation are just a few examples of this system.

    We need to know that this new innovative application has given entry into all kinds of homes and also for the customers who rent apartments can easily mount this heater making it drill less. Our wall mounted electric heaters are shatterproof and are ideal for children, pets, and people who are suffering from dust allergy. They feature a thin and flat panel design and minimize the heater’s wall projection so that the unit stays close to the wall.

    These systems can accommodate spaces that are big or narrow – with the choice of standard and low profile, we can provide the right product for most electric heating requirements. Our wall mounted radiant heater is stuffed with various state of the art options including a thermostat, timer, and several other options to make the environment perfectly established. Our wide range of wall heaters are ideal for home, office, bathroom, caravan, shed, summerhouse, and all the spaces where a decent amount of heat is needed.

    This sound heating application is the best fit for your properties that not just brings a quality warmth but also looks decent in kinds of spaces. Our radiator heater can be used in all types of spaces wherever you need an additional heat boost, whether in the guest room, home, or office. If any corner of your property never feels the central heating, you just simply need to install our system and enjoy the action. It is a fact that we work throughout the day and this heating essential is valuable to keep spaces warm. We as a sole leading company in Australia have manufactured quality machines that come with several power capacities to ensure the best environment for users.

    This quality installation can enchant your property with a great deal of a decent temperature. Our machines are versatile in all aspects that are convenient in performances and also consume less energy as compared to the other competitors. We are hooked with this profession for several years and each of our machines is excelled with a quality mechanism to enchant all sizes of spaces. You don’t need to worry about the room temperature when you have our quality heater and you can rest assured that it will provide enough heat for your rooms.

    For every brand dealing in any niche of service, there is always a need to achieve the maximum customers to expand the business size with immense profits. We know that people these days always desire to have the best prices for all the goods they desire and companies offering reasonable rates are always preferred by them. When going with the wall-mounted panel or radiant heaters, we are the best manufacturer offering technologically advanced machines against the cheaper rates.

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