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    Best stand-alone solar systems for sale in Australia

    As the human population is growing rapidly, the resources available to every person for a daily walk of life is reducing at the same rate. The population growth rate is the fastest in recorded history as one billion people are added to earth every ten years since the end of WWII. The scenario isn’t welcoming, especially when global warming is threatening humanity. The solution is to reduce the greenhouse gases and carbon emissions to an obsolete level to provide healing time to the mother planet. City residents, especially from developed nations, enjoy all modern-day amenities and luxuries; however, the remote area residents still find it hard to even excess to electricity. Heat On offers stand alone solar systems for sale, a unique solution to people living in areas that are away from city centres.

    Types of Solar Setups:

    Solar setup could be connected with the local grid, or it could be independent as well. The on-grid PV solar system ensures to cut the usage of expensive electricity cost by using sun rays and produce free solar electricity as required. Grid-tied solar systems are more affordable than off-grid solar systems as there is no need to add battery packs for backup.

    The alternate to battery bank is a net-metering system that allows smooth functioning of electric appliances and deposits the extra to the transmission system of the local grid. You can pull back your extra electricity from the grid when required. This is helpful to those who have higher electricity tariff rates during specific times in the day, especially during the evening when most people come home from work or business.

    Off-Grid solar units are comprehensive energy storage systems that didn’t need to remain connected to the grid. The main idea of stand-alone solar installation is to facilitate mainly those people who haven’t access to grid electricity due to any reason. The off-grid solar system uses a battery bank to store solar electricity to use when the system isn’t producing electricity to run the active load. Such solar setups are ideal for people for certain reasons, including freedom from travelling to buy expensive diesel, petrol, or gasoline to run the generator. Instead, they use free sunlight to produce hazard-free and clean electricity.

    Why choose Stand Alone Solar System:

    The stand-alone solar systems are preferred in areas where the situation is impractical for electricity distribution companies or government agencies. It could be due to no existing infrastructure for transmission of electricity etc. The ideal situation is to promote the use of stand-alone solar power kits instead of investing hundreds of thousands of dollars for infrastructure, transmission lines, and transformers.

    Components of Off-Grid Solar System:

    Solar Arrays:

    Solar arrays are made by melting silicon rocks and designed to capture sunlight to produce electricity. The two types of solar arrays are monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. These arrays produce direct current electricity, which you can directly supply to DC loads without converting to AC supply.

    Solar Inverter:

    The basic task of the inverter is to convert DC electricity into AC electricity to power the AC loads. Inverters can produce modified sine waveforms or true sine waveforms. Heat On recommends using a true sine wave inverter that is best for electrical appliances, including sensitive ones. Heat On has a range of solar inverters starting from small inverters with 300 watts to inverters that can power an entire home, i.e., 5kva or 10kva as required.


    Heat On recommends using a battery when you are on a look for stand alone solar systems for sale as it is critical for an off-grid system that doubles the system efficiency. Depending on the ampere-hours capacity of the battery, you can get the required backup time.

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