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Stand Alone Solar Power Kits

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    Easy to install DIY stand alone solar power kits for remote areas

    Due to available facilities and modern lifestyle, people love to live in urban areas and enjoy every amenity they can. Still, there are millions of people who prefer to live in rural conditions or far away remote places where nature is flourishing and booming. Such people love to have a life without disturbance of the city hustle and bustle and love the fresh and healthy living places. Here using kerosene oil, diesel, and other energy sources could be a disaster to nature. Thanks to solar technology and stand alone solar power kits empowers residents of remote areas to meet their power energy requirements without polluting the surrounding environment.

    Sustainable Power System and Climate Change:

    The world leaders agreed on a point to reduce the carbon footprint in order to decrease the threat of global warming as a rise in temperature is a direct threat to humanity. The temperature on earth is increasing gradually since industrialization and its negative impact resulting in disturbance to the ecosystem, which is fatal to living organisms on earth. Climate change is boosting global warming, which is caused by greenhouse gasses that further result in changing patterns of weather conditions. Being responsible people, we can adopt sustainable power systems that discourage or reduce carbon emissions to provide sufficient time to the mother planet to heal its ecosystem. Countries are installing a high amount of PV solar arrays. In 2020, Asia was on top in terms of adding more power during a year with 78GW.

    The role of solar power kits is crucial in limiting the use of electricity produced by coal or diesel generators. The primary source for Australia in generating national electricity is coal and diesel, with about two-thirds portion responsible for its entire electricity production. The good thing is that Australians either living in cities or in hard-reach urban areas are installing solar power systems. The country holds the record of leadership in terms of the highest solar power per capita, with more than 600MW in 2018 and 637MW in the following year.

    Stand-Alone Solar Setups in Rural Areas:

    The stand alone solar power kits are popular among the residents of rural areas where the local or national grid failed to supply the electricity due to specific reasons, including remoteness, wilderness, and mountainous regions with the least human population. The cost of expansion of transmission lines or setting up a local grid is enormous and is a hurdle to the growth of these areas. The solution is an off-grid solar power kit designed to meet people’s energy needs in autonomous regions.

    Parts of Solar Power Kits:

    Solar power kits have various parts that all together combine to form a single unit solar power system. There are some main components along with several ones. Discussing the main one with their functionalities will clear their role:

    Solar Panels:

    The most important part of a solar system is silicon-based solar panels to catch the sunlight and produce DC electricity to power DC loads.

    Inverter and Solar Battery Charger:

    An inverter converters DC to AC supply in stand-alone solar power kits along with other features. The inverter could produce a modified sine waveform or a true sine waveform. Heat-On recommends using a true sine waver solar inverter for your appliances for smooth functioning. Modern inverters come with a built-in solar battery charger that takes care of the battery by protecting it from being overcharged, under and over-voltage protection.

    Solar Battery Packs:

    Batteries play a significant role, especially in a stand-alone solar power system without being connected and linked to the power grid. The solar battery ensures you have backup power that you can use to meet energy demands when PV arrays aren’t meeting existing requirements or during the night with obsolete solar electricity generation.

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