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    The use of solar energy is at its peak, and countries are increasing their solar energy production to use sustainable energy and an attempt to cut the carbon emissions as much as they can. Solar energy has become the most in-demand among all renewable energy sources, including hydro and wind energy. The electricity production using photovoltaic panels is marked by the lowest carbon footprint, while the cost of solar setup reduces due to large-scale acceptance. Australia produced 17.6 GW of electricity using solar technology, while stand-alone solar power for homes plays an important role in promoting solar energy among Australians. With 17.6 GW solar electricity production, Australia is at the seventh spot. At the same time, the nation bags the title of leader with 637 watts per individual when it comes to the highest per capita solar electricity production.

    Solar Systems:

    Australia has blessed with solar energy, while the 7.69 million square kilometres are more than enough to meet the national power requirement and export the extra electricity. Most of the Australian cities and villages have an average of nine hours of sunlight. On average, most of the areas in Australia have more than eight hours of direct sunlight, which makes the atmosphere favourable.

    Rooftop solar setups for homes include specific devices that aid each other in producing, distributing, and managing solar electricity. A solar system includes the following components:

    Solar Panels:

    Solar Panels are photovoltaic plates that catch sun rays to produce electricity during the daytime when abundant radiant solar heat is available. The solar plates are made by melting silicon rocks at a temperate of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit and placing the liquid in required plates, and the cells are cut into wafer shapes from a conical ingot. The two major types of solar panels are monocrystalline solar panels and polycrystalline solar panels. Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels are consistent black or dark blue with individual squares on corners of cells. Monocrystalline solar plates are more efficient than Poly Crystalline; however, they have more material to produce a single plate.

    Solar Inverters:

    Solar inverters convert the direct current electricity produced by solar panels into the alternate current, which we need to run all electrical appliances. The modern inverters are intelligent compact boxes that act as a manager to handle the solar system efficiently.

    Power Battery for Solar Systems:

    The battery packs add value to a solar system by storing extra produced solar electricity that can be utilized when required. The solar system has electricity during the daytime with peak production time during midday. The addition of a battery to the solar system ensures an uninterrupted solar power supply round the clock. The battery technology includes lead-acid, gel battery, and lithium-ion battery packs, of which lithium batteries are the latest technology with more advanced features.

    Solar systems can be categorized into two major divisions. On-grid solar systems and stand alone solar power systems. The On-grid solar systems entertain city residents with a direct connection to the local grid, while the system has no battery packs for backup.

    The net metering systems ensure that you can deposit extra generated electricity during the daytime to the local grid, which can be exported back when required. On the other hand, the stand-alone solar units are ideal for those living in the outskirts and remote areas where the local grid can’t provide services due to a lack of infrastructure. Off-grid solar systems depend on solar batteries to store electricity for evening and night when sunlight isn’t available to generate solar electricity.

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