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Stand Alone Solar Battery System

Stand Alone Solar Battery System, A Perfect Power System For You To Save Money!

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    The need for solar energy is growing due to various factors including the feel of self-sufficiency and indeed the benefits of reducing or eliminating the cost of electricity bills. Moreover, people also consider the omissions that a local electricity producing company can omit during production via fossil fuel. Here the stand alone solar system has become the need of the hour and is becoming popular for both residents of cities and residents of remote areas. There are certain benefits of having solar panels at your home even if you are residing in a major metropolitan area which are as under:

    • Cut off in electricity bills
    • Energy independence
    • It is an environment-friendly and sustainable system
    • Power backup in case of blackouts
    • Free energy for several years without purchasing raw material

    Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, there could be many other perks as well, however, the mentioned are some of the common ones. Indeed, the solar energy lover may want to know about how the stand alone solar battery system works and if the system is suitable for them or not?

    The batteries for storage purposes are crucial one for both on-grid or off-grid solar panel system as these batteries provide power backup when the sunlight isn’t available at night or during a power breakout.

    The solar batteries are part of a power backup system that includes various components, including:

    Solar Panels:

    Solar panels are gadgets to catch the available energy from sunlight. You must consider the amount of power you need for your appliances. These panels generate direct current energy, which needs to be converted into the alternate current before supplying to appliances.

    Solar Batteries:

    A solar battery store the energy that a photovoltaic solar panel generates from sunlight, and then the battery can discharge the stored energy via an inverter. Solar batteries are ideal, especially for the off-grid solar system where you would need energy for later usage. Solar batteries also known as deep cycle batteries are superior to normal lead-acid batteries because of their extended life span and durability. Solar batteries require no maintenance after their initial setup, while the lead-acid batteries need regular checkup and maintenance to make them work properly. In case you missed check the lead-acid battery, the battery may not work properly due to dried acid in it causing more financial burden. Further, the lead-acid batteries must be installed in a ventilated area to escape the battery gases and to avoid likely misshape.


    Inverters work like a manager to manage the flow of electricity throughout the solar system. The solar panels collect energy in direct current form and they convert the DC power into alternate current power to be used by appliances. This is the most common task an inverter performs, while you could also find some other features like a hybrid inverter which are designed as a single unit by gathering many features. These hybrid solar inverters are combined with a battery inverter or charger to do multi-tasking. You can also install the BMS (battery monitoring system) system with your inverter for smooth functioning.

    There are certain factors you must consider when choosing the inverter for your solar system.

    • You should go for the True Sine Wave Inverter as it is compatible with all home appliances
    • Consider either you need a 12-volt inverter or 24 inverter
    • What would be the wattage of the inverter? i.e. 100watt, 500watt, 1000watt, etc.

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