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Stand Alone Power Systems for Australian Homeowners

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    Solar energy has become common due to its benefits to the environment and individuals in terms of reduced monthly energy bills. The use of solar energy is on the rise with every day passed since the invention of solar panels in 1954 by a U.S. researcher. People living in remote areas are familiar with stand alone power units as the benefits attract more people to have their own solar installations for freedom from diesel and gas generators. The grid-connected solar systems are beneficial for those living in cities and urban centres where the local grid is serving communities by supplying electricity to them. Some people may still wonder what the on-grid is and stand-alone solar systems are!

    Here are details about solar systems that help understand what it is all about.

    Grid Connected Solar System:

    A solar system connected with the local grid supports the homeowners by producing electricity using photovoltaic cells installed on rooftops. During day time, the installed solar plates generate electricity using sun rays to power the home electric appliances. The system has an inverter that can sense the availability of solar electricity and maintain a check and balance between demand and supply.

    The system draws power from the grid when the system generates less electricity than demand, during evening or night time or during a cloudy day. Net metering is a feature that allows you to export the extra produced solar electricity to the local grid.

    The meter will run in reverse to track the exported electricity to the grid. This will reduce the electricity bill as you can use the deposited electricity as required, especially during peak hours when electricity cost is high.

    Stand-alone solar power systems are usually affordable than off-grid solar units as they didn’t include expansive battery packs. Apart from financial benefits, the other concern is reducing carbon emissions by limiting the use of electricity produced by fossil fuel, i.e., coal or diesel, thus playing their part for a better living environment.

    Stand-Alone Solar Power Setups:

    Stand-alone solar power units empower the residents of rural areas, hilly areas, and those living remotely by meeting their energy requirements. Such systems are also called off-grid solar power systems as typically, the remote areas didn’t have access to local grid electricity. The off-grid solar installation also works in a similar fashion except that it stores solar electricity in batteries when the system produces surplus electricity.

    The solar batteries provide backups when the system isn’t meeting electricity demands, during the evening, nighttime, and cloudy or rainy days. Alternatively, an off-grid solar system can also have a generator if a continuous electricity supply is of paramount value. The downfall is the added cost of batteries that surge the cost of solar setup.

    Solar Power In Australia:

    Australian national electricity production mainly depends on coal and fossil fuel to meet the national electricity demands. The country has abundant land for solar electricity production to meet the national demand and export to nearby countries. The use of solar setups, especially among homeowners is on top since last decades as the country has the highest per-capita solar energy productions with 637 watts per individual.

    This ratio is improving year by year. Australia isn’t a tiny country, with 7.69 million square kilometres of the area; its population spreads over rural areas generally for agriculture, farming, and mining. To power electrical equipment and tools, stand-alone power systems Australia have become common among them.

    After initial installation, the stand-alone solar systems didn’t require any supply of fuel nor any major maintenance requirement. The most popular form of battery packs in off-grid solar setups is deep cycle lithium-ion batteries known for their superiority over lead-acid and other types.

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