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Heat-On also design and supply Off Grid solar power systems (commonly referred to as a standalone system). As well as hybrid (more commonly referred to as grid interactive system). Using the latest in inverting equipment and lithium storage technologies.

Off Grid (standalone)

Many of our Off Grid solar customers are in remote rural areas of the country. So system reliability, longevity and a high degree of autonomy are therefore critical elements in such systems, and as a result, we only offer the highest quality Off Grid systems using only the highest quality proven equipment. This includes the award-winning Australian made Selectronic battery inverters and Australian designed and engineered DCS sealed LiFePO4 (LFP) batteries, the industry leaders in lithium storage technologies. We also like to use Victron and Outback inverting systems.

All of our Off Grid solar power systems come complete with superior on-line monitoring and early warning systems, meaning that you are not alone; we are able to access your system remotely in the event that you need technical support. We are able to troubleshoot, fine tune and change system parameters such as battery voltage settings, charging currents, and even start your generator remotely if ever needed. We are experts in this field and can implement additional autonomous measures to your liking to enable the most sophisticated and worry-free system.

Grid Interactive (Hybrid)

Many of our grid interactive solar customers are in major cities such as Melbourne & Sydney or costal towns.  System reliability, longevity but most importantly system performance are key in minimising grid usage and providing the best possible return on investment on the overall system.  A well designed grid interactive system can easily achieve upwards of 90% self sufficiency.  If the roofing design allows enough solar panels you can still be exporting a healthy amount back to the grid to ensure you have a neutral bill for the year.  We like designing and supplying the industry leading Fronius PV Inverters and DCS Lithium battery storage and battery inverters. Why settle for second best when you can have the best.

If you are building a low energy home, we can heat, cool and ventilate your entire home, also size a suitable standalone (off grid) or grid interactive (hybrid) solar system. The key factors in keeping a homes energy usage to a minimum are to address the biggest users of that energy; heating, cooling and the hot water service. That way you can enjoy minimal to no gas or electricity bills at all. The technology is here today, there is no need to compromise only embrace it. Get in contact with us today and start enjoying the benefits of the most advanced HVAC systems on the market today.