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Small single Room Hrv Units

Single Room Small HRV Units – Heat-On


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    A Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system is designed to provide ventilation within a building without the loss of heat or humidity. At a time when most of us are more energy conscious than ever before because of rising electricity bills, a HRV unit can make a significant difference to heating costs. A HRV unit introduces fresh air to a building and through heat recovery it can improve climate control and lessen the degree to which other forms of heating may be needed.

    It is important for a building to have adequate ventilation so that its occupants benefit from good air quality and the removal of carbon dioxide and any other toxins which may be present in the air. Moreover, inadequate air movement can lead to a build up in humidity which in turn will increase the risk of condensation and the growth of mould within the home. Asthma sufferers in  particular have been found to suffer more when living in poorly ventilated homes.

    A HRV unit uses the physics of heat transference to recover heat from air before it leaves the building and is expelled into the atmosphere. Heat from outgoing air is applied to incoming fresh air through a heat exchanger. A HRV unit is typically mounted in the roof cavity of a building and connected to a system of fans, vents and ducting.  The HRV unit may service a number of rooms, or a single room HRV may be used for specific needs or where only one room requires ventilation and climate control. Small HRV units can be utilized to service multiple rooms or locations.

    Within the HRV system, air is circulated throughout the building. Warm and cold air travel through a network of separate small pipes and pass each other within the heat exchanger. Heat is transferred across from the warmer outgoing air to the incoming outside cooler air although the two air streams do not physically mix. The incoming air is heated up and subsequently fed back down through ducting and vents into the rooms of the building. The stale air, without its heat, is expelled into the atmosphere. The movement of air throughout the building is driven by a system of fans with low power consumption. The outome with the use of a HRV unit is effective ventilation and heat recovery that can significantly improve air quality within and also reduce the energy needed to heat the building.

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