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Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator Hrv

Heat Recovery Ventilation Solutions for Single Room

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    Providing a quality living environment is a challenge, especially in the current climate change time. Ventilating the house is an excellent option to have quality air at home. However, the typical ventilation results in heat loss as the system would expel the indoor heat with outgoing air and welcomes fresh air, which would cause thermal discomfort. Heat On comes with the right solution. With our heat recovery ventilator HRV, we offer a comprehensive ventilation system that is designed to ventilate your home correctly and reduce the heating cost at the same time.

    Houses about a century ago were extremely leaky, and there were fewer harmful objects outside of the home. The growing development in every walk of life is increasing the level of carbon emission. Apart from industrial growth, our homes have become energy-hungry and require a lot more energy to enjoy the comfort zone.

    Australians are very active when it comes to being responsible for the environment. Every person is adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly methods to eliminate the negative implications of human activities. Heat-On is a leading energy solution company in Australia, working for over 15 years to meet the needs of Australian clients. We have compact designs for every setup, including commercial setups, industrial units and large residential units. For small homes, apartments, and buildings, we offer a small heat recovery ventilator to ensure that you are not paying extra by having a large-sized hrv system that is a misfit.

    How HRV works:

    Heat-On offers HRV (heat recovery ventilation), also known as MHRV (mechanical heat recovery ventilation), which works efficiently by recovering heat from stale outgoing air and adding it back to the incoming fresh air. This heat recovery is performed by a heat exchanger that is a unique and productive feature of our HRV system. The system distributes the fresh air with added heat through ducting network and vents. The HRV for single room heat recovery removes mould, improves air quality, eliminates foul odours by removing stale air, promotes a healthy living environment within your home, and reduces the energy bill significantly.

    The presence of dampness in your home means your home masonry are affected by soluble salts or efflorescence. The atmosphere of a house with efflorescence and no proper ventilation is on the brink of spread-out of respiratory diseases like asthma. Further, the current pandemic situation of coronavirus also requires the circulation of fresh air without external pollutants. Overall, it has become crucial to have a working ventilation system for your home.

    Ventilation for Single Room:

    Our robust single room heat recovery ventilator targets to improve the air quality of a single room without losing the heat via ventilation. We understand that heat loss results in thermal discomfort suddenly, and it will take a longer time to reheat your room, and you will suffer for that time with harsh cold climate as the ventilation system will draw into the room.

    Easy Maintenance:

    It’s easy to do DIY maintenance tasks as you need to replace the filters every nine to twelve months.

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