Wireless Remote Control for HCV HRC3

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Wireless Remote Control for HCV HRC3


We offer a wireless remote control option, which can be mounted on the wall or placed on a shelf. The remote control is designed for the user, but also includes a special installer menu, allowing the installer to do extensive settings without the use of the PC Tool.

The remote control has a visual/acoustic alarm that will sound when the filter needs to be inspected or replaced. This ensures correct maintenance even when the unit is set to demand mode and your attention is not at the remote control.

The wireless remote control uses two AAA alkaline batteries. Battery lifetime of up to two years is possible, as the display and remote shifts to hibernation mode after two minutes without user interaction. In addition, the remote is shut down at night.

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  • Select fan speed in manual mode
  • Select demand mode
  • Select week mode, as well as selecting week program 1-11
  • Manually activated by-pass
  • Enable fireplace boost mode – seven minutes with overpressure inside the house for easy ignition of a fireplace
  • Enable/disable away mode – the unit decreases permanently to fan speed 1 Enable/disable night mode the unit decreases to fan speed 1. The hour for enable/disable can be adjusted.
  • Adjust filter timer duration
  • Reset filter timer after filter exchange
  • Reading air temperatures in the duct connections, including the remote controls embedded temperature sensor
  • Setting time and date