Heat Pump FAS (Fresh Air System)

Heat Pump FAS (Fresh Air System)


The above mentioned price does not include installation costs.

–  Three Stage HEPA Filtration.
–  Integrated Energy Recovery
–  Centrally Ducted
–  Heating & Cooling
–  Variable Fan Speeds & Air Flow
–  High Efficiency Heat Pump
–  Consumes Only 1.3kW per hour
–  Heats & Cools Upto 110m2 Of Floor space

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Based on the traditional heat exchanger technology, you can now have a central ducted system in the home that does heating and cooling using ultra efficient Heat Pump technology. This system does it all with astonishingly low power consumption.

The system will supply fresh air that is controlled at a constant temperature and humidity. This will make for the flow of fresh clean healthy air at comfortable temperatures. The unit has F9 (PM2.5) particulate filtration along with Carbon filtration and a G4 Pre filter (dust filter) to ensure the best quality fresh air is entering your home. So now we have a complete ventilation system that also heats and cools and controls humidity.

The Heat Pump FAS does not require an outdoor unit. This is a great advantage for apartment developments with limited space for outdoor AC units, there is even a vertical mount model for installation into a cupboard (great for apartments with limited ceiling space). These also come in a Ceiling Mount model for low energy single storey housing, the units are typically installed inside the ceiling space and ducted throughout the rooms.

Technical Specifications

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