Enthalpy Heat Exchanger for HCV460P2 & HCV400P1

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Enthalpy Heat Exchanger for HCV460P2 & HCV400P1


Heat recovery takes place in a highly efficient counter-flow heat exchanger, which is able to achieve optimum efficiency with the least possible loss of pressure in connection with the low air volumes used in housing. Transferring the humidity from the extract air to the fresh supply air prevents a dry indoor climate during wintertime. In the summer, when the relative humidity of the outdoor air is high, supply air will be dehumidified when passing through the enthalpy exchanger. This makes the supply air feel comfortably cold. Because of their superb ability to recover both heat and humidity, enthalpy exchangers are known to reduce heating costs substantially.

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When the heat exchanger has been swapped, you need to use the PC Tool to change the unit type to the right enthalpy variant (E1). To ensure correct air balance, you will subsequently have to recalibrate the unit.