SKU: Air Filters AirCycle 3.1.

Air Filters AirCycle 3.1


Model Number: Air Filters 3.1
AirCycle 2.1-Filters
G2/3 Wire Frame Filters.
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Pair of replacement G2/3 filters for the airCycle 3.1 ventilation system.
Description: G2/3 Wire Frame Filters
Construction: Frame made from rust protected 3.2mm diameter steel wire with 110 g/m2 thermally bonded 100% Polyester media sewn around frame
Special Features: Material is Oeko-Tex approved

The filter uses a non woven filter media which can be vacuumed to remove dust particles. It is widely used in air conditioning units, fan coil systems, warm air furnaces, refrigeration counters and electronic equipment cabinets. It is a low resistance filter often used to protect heat exchanger coils.

Examples of separated particles material:

• Leaves
• Insects
• Textile fibers
• Sand
• Flying ash
• Mist
• Hair
• Flower pollen
• Fog


Model Number:
Air Filters 3.1
294mm x 180mm x 3mm
G2 BS EN 779
1.5 m/s face velocity @ 24 Pa
Temperature Resistance:
100deg C
Maximum Operating Humidity:
Flame Resistance:
DIN53438 F1
Special Features:
Material is Oeko-Tex approved
2.00 kg