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Mechanical Ventilation System

Heat-On Offers Premium and Efficient Mechanical Ventilation System at an Affordable Price

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    A proper ventilated home, office or industrial setup is a more pleasant and liveable or workable place that can improve human health. Humans are using ventilation systems since their existence. Even the Egyptian historical buildings were designed to provide proper ventilation, as there was no electricity concept during that time. The earlier concept of the basic ventilation system was to make windows and doors such a way to drive fresh air into buildings to replace the stale air out. This basic concept is still in practice, especially in domestic buildings, even in the presence of various modern energy-efficient ventilation systems. So there is a huge room for Australian homeowners to have the ideal ventilation systems that fitted best to them as the ancient ventilation system, which merely requires the opening of windows and doors, is insufficient.

    Heat-On offers a premium and efficient mechanical ventilation system for Aussie Homes that not only provide a stale free environment but also makes the homes a healthier, liveable place.

    The modern home structures target a well-insulated home design to have control over the internal atmosphere of the home as required. The idea of insulation for homes provides authority over the environment and will also cut the energy bills, as there will be less need for heating during winter and a well-insulated home will require less cooling during summer. However, the insulation of the home also comes with demand to have a ventilation system that can eliminate the decayed, rotten and stale air out of the home to welcome the flow of fresh air into the home. Though the insulation of the home will reduce the energy cost, the negative side is the growing volume of internal pollutants that must be thrashed out of the dwelling for best air quality. The poor air quality will directly impact the residents in the absence of a ventilation system.

    As per Environment Protection Agency or EPA, an individual at home receives about 72% of chemical exposure during their stay at home. The agency rated indoor air pollution among the top five hazards to public health. It becomes more important for us to have a mechanical ventilation idea during the current pandemic situation, when most of us have to stay at home to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

    Heat-On offers state of art and energy-efficient ventilation system that sources fresh air into the home, but also works to reduce heat loss. The system is known as MHRV Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilators or ERVs Energy Recovery Ventilators. Each of the systems comes with a heat exchanger, one or more fans to withdraw the stale air out and fresh air in. The system removes the pollutant air, toxins and CO2 from rooms, forced it to cover the distance via a heat exchanger to recover back the heat from the air to be added back to fresh air. This way, the temperature of the building will not lose and there will be no need of getting back the lost energy.

    Heat On is known for providing modern and upgraded ventilation systems that are designed for efficiency. We use Brookvent aircycle products for ventilation systems. You can choose from the range of Brookvent products. The Brookvent ventilators include Aircycle 1.2 HRV and Aircycle 3.1 HRV. These systems come with filters that are replaceable after 9 to 12 months of usage. You can easily change the filter by yourself.

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