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Infrared Floor Heating

store heat for a longer time with infrared floor heating


    Heating requirements in winter costs a hefty amount to house owners due to their inefficiency. Your home heating system may include noisy heat fans or dry-blown air, which could have adverse effects of dust or allergens. On the other hand, though the space heaters provide warmness, you will feel warmth only when facing the heat. Moving away from the heater or opening of windows or room doors will result in heat loss and, subsequently, thermal discomfort. Here the use of infrared floor heating is ideal as infrared heating is the technology that ensures to store the heat in surrounding areas rather than throwing air into space.

    Why heat-On Heating Panels:

    Heat-On heating system is a premium manufacturer of radiant heating panels. We have years of manufacturing experience, while our core focus is towards energy-efficient building design HVAC products. We use carbon graphite crystal heating elements in the manufacturing of heating panels for homes. Our heating panels target to warm the floor, walls, ceiling, and furnishers rather than heating the air.

    Heating air isn’t a good idea as it only adds to the energy bills, and you will lose warm air soon when the warm air finds open doors or any space to exit. On the other hand, the heat stored in objects and buildings is retained for a much longer time resulting in a reduced cost of energy by up to 40%.

    Our floor heating panels ensure you have a warm floor, fog-free mirrors, and you have sun-like radiant heating at your home. The sun’s heat is radiant, which is stored in the objects rather than heating the air. The stored energy stays longer, while the warm air tends to move towards the ceiling and will be lost through vents, doors, windows, and other open spaces.

    Maintenance Free DIY Heating Panels:

    Our radiant heating panels are maintenance-free panels and come with five years of warranty. We have DIY panels and are designed specifically for Australian weather conditions with 240v operations. These panels are slimline, aesthetically welcoming designs. These panels just required one-time installation, and there is no need for separate wiring to fix them. We have manufactured these panels under the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications for quality management and sustainable approach.

    Why Choose Heating Panels over Space Heaters?

    There are various reasons why you should switch to infrared heating. The most prominent reasons are:

    Space Saving and Discreet:

    Infrared panels are mountable on the ceiling and walls, and there is no need to displace your furniture or other floor objects as you would do with the conventional radiators. Further, if you opt for an image panel, you will get a discreet finish.

    Easy DIY Installation:

    Installation of a far-infrared heating panel is an easy DIY task. You can drill the screws into the wall or ceiling to mount it and plug it in via the main supply using the three-pin plug. The panels come with installation instructions, fixing hardware and screws, mounting template, and freestanding feet.

    No Mechanical or Moving Parts:

    Unlike convection boilers, infrared flat panels have no mechanical or moving parts. Thus there is no need for servicing and nothing to worry about failure of panels in the peak winter season.

    Money Savings:

    As the infrared floor heating panels work by heating objects rather than the air, this requires less energy as the air takes a long time to bring the comfortable temperature. The result is savings from energy bills up to 40%

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