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industrial roof ventilation systems



    When it comes to industrial buildings, roof and attic are often ignored areas and these are the areas that can damage the structure and cause the building to collapse. As the building is insulated nowadays, there are several issues that can arise here due to dampness and stale air such as rust on metal surfaces, mould, water damage, and many others. If you want to avoid such a disaster, you need to install industrial roof ventilation systems. There are many companies that are providing these systems, however, none of them come close to the quality you will get here at Heat-On Heating Systems.

    It is not just us bragging about ourselves about being the best. We have served countless customers over time with our premium products to their utmost satisfaction. Most of our clients are from word of mouth and that stands a testament to the quality of our products.

    Keeping the roof warm in the winter and cool during summertime is important. If not, ice dams can form over the roof leaving several damages and during summer hot air outside can damage the roof as well. The system we offer for industrial ventilation can also be used for ventilation of the roof and does the same. It keeps the roof warm during the winters using the heat energy of the room and keeps it cool during the summer. The latest cutting-edge technology enables the unit to respond automatically to a range of internal and external temperature changes to work accordingly.

    We need to know that moisture can be the cause of a ton of issues and decent industrial roof ventilation can prevent this from forming. You always want a way for the hot, damp air to escape your roof. It is a fact that leaks aren’t the only cause of moisture in the industrial roof. Poor industrial roof ventilation is also a serious cause of moisture accumulation and you will be on high-alert if you think your business or property may be at risk of moisture accumulation in your roof.

    Proper ventilation in an area is an important way to prevent moisture damage from occurring. This is true when it comes to your roof and most types of industrial roof vents involve a vent being installed in the eaves and ridges of your roof. It makes the warm air flow freely out of your roof and subsequently, the most space is cooled, preventing moisture accumulation. Your property will benefit from the temperature moderation of industrial roof vents.

    This type of installation has several features and some of them are discussed below.


    • Easy installation
    • It helps reducing energy bills
    • It has a rigid spider-type structure
    • It can be riveted at every connection
    • It assists in reducing winter ice build-up
    • It contains large flashing for easy installation
    • Has all-aluminium rust-free construction
    • It is tested to withstand winds of 110 m.p.h

    Our industrial roof ventilation systems are maintenance-free and economical. These systems haul out polluted, stale, and hot air from within the building and replace it with fresh air from outside. We are equipped with a wide range of systems and specially designed to fit any roof profile. Clients can avail of these ventilators in ridge mounted units or slope mounted units, the low profile structure and arched blades offer an appealing aesthetic.

    These ventilators are used in all types of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings in applications from comfort ventilation to manufacturing processes. These may even help extend the life of a building by providing proper airflow. We need to know that effective ventilation can increase comfort, productivity, and energy efficiency at a workplace or other commercial buildings. A well-designed system can reduce heat, condensation, and exhaust pollutants. We are equipped with a range of products to suit commercial office buildings, warehouses, and refrigerated warehouses to sewerage treatment plants and pipes.


    This system contains several benefits of which some are discussed below.

    Ensures a safe working environment:

    The heat will build up in your roof space in summer. Our system removes the heat and replaces it with cooler, purer ambient air. This helps reduce the load on air conditioning, particularly when used alongside ducting.

    Protect Equipment and its Performance:

    Removing humidity from the air can reduce failures in electronic and mechanical equipment. This is the sound system that ensures quality results and makes the same demanded environment.

    Air Quality and Pollutants:

    In an unventilated industrial environment, pollutants emitted by gas forklifts can be particularly harmful. Our ventilation commercial systems exhaust pollutants indoor air and increase overall air quality.

    Why Us?

    We have been the leader in ventilation for several years and thanks to our commitment to continuous technological innovation. Our products are developed and manufactured right here in Australia and exported all around the world. We are the most respected companies with the resources to ensure we stay at the forefront of commercial and industrial ventilation technologies.

    We Offer Best Prices:

    Among all the factors that we face in our daily routine of life, there is an aspect of the price that is the most valued aspect that has engaged everyone on this planet. We know that price counts the most in all aspects of life and everything these days is managed with a prominent rate. Whenever we buy something, there is always given a price against the things. With the concern of industrial ventilation, there are several companies dealing in the same niche but we are the one competent organization that dispenses the quality-assured machines against the most competitive prices. We always make sure the best-guaranteed results against a low budget and our machines perform at best as compare to the other brands and our rates are quite low that saves the people pockets.

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