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industrial infrared heating panels

The Best Industrial Infrared Heating Panels Systems Available in the Market


    Working in a cold environment is not an option if you want your employees to be productive and efficient. Although there are many options available to provide warmth in industrial premises, industrial infrared heating panels are one of the best heating products available in the market. They can provide enough warmth to the whole area and can also provide direct warmth for the people working. If you are on a lookout for reliable industrial infrared heating systems, do not fret! At Heat-On Heating Systems, one of the leading companies in the region, we have got you covered.

    There are many features of electric heating which might be a lot more secure than gas heaters. This retains them away from little fingers, clothes, and different hazards which may start a fire or result in somebody getting burnt. Portable infrared radiant panel heaters from Heat-On come with ceramic heating parts. The collection we have at Heat-On is best fitted to operate in commercial and industrial premises. They can be used to warm warehouses, workshops, garages, auto repairs, and permit making use of the warmth when and where it is needed.

    They are built to last for years to come and are an excellent alternative to traditional patio heaters. Portable patio heaters from Heat-On are high depth infrared radiant panel heaters specifically designed for cafes. Ceramic infrared heaters are perfect not just for cafe and restaurant outdoors areas but in addition for rental and catering businesses and for use on non-public verandas and patios.

    Heat-On offers a range of modern radiant panel heating solutions. These strip-heating panels are perfect for heating the areas for indoor and outside environments. The latest innovation in trendy house heating, the brand new outdoor infrared heaters provide exceptional quality and ultimate consolation. Using infrared energy, these heaters ship beams of warmth immediately to objects and people, rather than blowing hot air like traditional heaters. Heat-On designs and manufactures infrared parts and complete flip key heating systems for industrial and commercial purposes.

    Our portable infrared heaters are designed for an operational lifetime of years and provide energy efficient heating compared to upfront patio heaters and pyramid heaters. Infrared heating offers a novel technique of making use of heat to objects and bodies. Our systems provide torch like direct and centred radiant warmth exactly to the place it is wanted. The heat stays put and does not rise to the ceiling or escape via windows and doors. The panels can be mounted on the wall or could be suspended from the ceiling or placed on a stand.

    Why Heat-On?

    Heat-On has a dedicated R&D team who are all the time developing concepts, staying at the forefront of the trade, and exceeding new worldwide standards. All of Heat-On products are designed and made using premium components in the manufacturing process. For heating areas that are open and commercial such as retail shops, halls, massive reception areas, bars, restaurants, churches and more, choose heaters from our designer industrial heater range. Where aesthetics are less necessary corresponding to industrial items, maintenance bays, warehouse packing areas, factories and workshops, our industrial heaters are the perfect solution.

    Heat-On has years of experience when it comes to manufacturing trendy, progressive and vitality efficient merchandise. Our range of heaters is designed for use within residential, commercial and industrial markets likewise. At Heat-On Heating Systems, we have been providing heating panels for several years and have served countless customers to their utmost satisfaction. Our industrial infrared heating systems are efficient, reliable, and economical.

    They are designed for both indoor and outdoor areas to work efficiently. They provide direct heat as well as warm the whole area through infrared technology. These panels can be installed in gymnasiums, auditoriums, racetracks, ice rinks, garages, restaurants, and many other large areas. Heat-On is the specialist in Infrared heaters & controls for infrared heating, and we are Australia’s market chief. We manufacture and provide a variety of infrared heaters for all domestic, commercial, and outdoor purposes.

    Heat-On is a world-class and award-winning company for providing high-quality and reliable electric heaters, for both indoor and outdoor functions. Whether it is your outdoor space, patio, storage or hall, Heat-On has the right heating for you. Our industrial infrared heating panels are designed and engineered in Australia to meet all your needs. Our electric heaters are good for a wide range of out of doors & indoor heating functions. Whether you are on the lookout for a conveyable, DIY, wall/ceiling mounted, or hard-wired option, our range has all of it.

    Moreover, all our heating products are designed with a sleek style, so you do not have to disturb your décor. You can also get them painted with spray paints to match with the walls of the area. Retrieve your space again with wall mounted or suspended radiant panel heaters. Infrared heaters from Heat-On present efficient heat without taking a lot of area and energy while heating surfaces, and not air. Constructed with stainless-steel materials all through with a tinted ceramic screen for longevity. These heaters are suitable for areas of a minimal clearance house for wall and ceiling set up. Environments appropriate for the heater are each residential and industrial similar to the patio, outdoor areas and industrial hospitality.

    Heat-On is an industry leader in supplying HVAC solution for Australian industrial and commercial spaces. At Heat-On, we pride ourselves on supplying revolutionary, environmentally friendly and premium quality products to industrial, commercial as well as residential premises across Australia. As with all product and service options we provide, our radiant ceramic heaters are cost-effective and high quality means to help your corporation and your needs. Providing distinctive heating merchandise for years, our reputation has become a synonym with quality and reliability.

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