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    HRV is a heat recovery ventilation system that keeps in view the modern building structures to supply fresh air to living areas and extract the stale air. Heat recovery means it can recover heat from stale air before it departed the building and added it back to fresh incoming air. HRV has an effic332iency of recovering up to 90% of heat; this is especially beneficial for the winter season to reduce the load on the heating system of building and reduce the energy bill significantly. The high efficiency of heat recovery means the return on HRV Price will be completed within a few years, while the building residents will enjoy a healthy indoor environment.

    Heat Recovery Ventilator by Heat On is available in different mounting options, including floor, wall, and ceiling mount. It also works as central ventilation for your home, office, or business, while each of the living rooms or working space connects via a network of ducts or ceiling grilles.

    Old Ventilation System vs. HRV:

    For those who are considering renovating their home or constructing the new one, your plan will include an efficient ventilation system. The traditional ventilation system seems outdated and hazardous for people with breathing problems as they attract allergens and outdoor pollutants. The ventilation fans in old homes work by throwing stale air out of the home, and another fan introduces fresh outdoor air. During the winter season, if the inside temperature is 21 degrees Celsius and the outdoor temperature is under 5 degrees Celsius, the ventilation fans will cause thermal discomfort to residents. They will experience a teeth-rattling experience due to temperature differences.

    The latest building structures, designs, and codes require homeowners to construct an airtight building to make barriers to inward and outward air leakage via cracks in walls, doors, windows, and unintentional leakage spots. The air leakage is forced by various constraints across the building structure caused by joint impressions of the stack, outward wind pressure, and ventilation system.

    The airtight building comes with many beneficial results with the support of a heat recovery ventilation system, including reduced energy cost as the energy loss is recovered up to 90%, and the heating and/or cooling system will consume less power to maintain the good internal atmosphere.

    Here are the pros of combining a ventilation system with an airtight building:

    – Improved and controlled ventilation

    – Eliminate moisture from wet and watery areas of the building, i.e. kitchen, baths etc.

    – Reduce mould and rot from the building

    – End draughts that boost the thermal comfort

    Features of Heat Recovery Ventilators:

    Heat On offers three different models of HRV, i.e. Aircycle 1.3, Aircycle 1.2 and Aircycle 3.1, to cater to the needs of small, medium and large homes and buildings. Following are the key features of HRVs

    – Up to 90% heat recovery efficiency

    – Variable fan speed control

    – 230v auto boost integration

    – Easy maintenance requires a change of filter after every 12 months

    Tempering Summer Bypass:

    Heat Recovery Ventilation is equally beneficial in winter and hot summer seasons. The tempering summer bypass is a key feature that ranks HRV by Heat On top of the list as it gradually regulates the air around the HRV core as the temperature of outside air rises due to warm air in summer. It is an automated process to provide the best user experience in the hot summer season by limiting the amount of heat added to fresh incoming air. Thus the cooling system will consume less power to maintain indoor temperature to an acceptable level.

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