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Hrv Heat Exchanger And Transfer System

HRV Heat Transfer and Exchanger – HRV Heating System


    Get a HRV Heating System to warm your home

    Heat On Heating Systems are the experts in providing HRV heating for the home. We have earned an enviable reputation over the years for the quality of our HRV systems and the professionalism of our installations.

    Our customers have found that a HRV Heat Transfer System can make their home warmer in winter and make overall life in the home healthier and more comfortable. This is because filtered warm air is efficiently moved throughout the dwelling, which can be a real benefit for allergy and asthma sufferers.

    A HRV Heat Exchanger from Heat on Heating Systems operates by using latent heat already present in the air and transferring this to cooler incoming air. The HRV system comprises a system of fans, vents and ducting, and a heat exchanger which is typically mounted in the roof cavity of the building.  Warm and cold air flow past each within the heat exchanger through a system of small pipes without mixing physically. Heat is drawn from the stale air and transferred across to the incoming colder air. The fresher air, which is now warmer, is then fed back down into the pipes and into the rooms of the building. The stale air, without its heat, is expelled into the atmosphere

    A HRV heat transfer system thereby ensures that any heat in the air makes it way around the building, which helps to keep the building warm and assists in reducing energy costs.

    Heat On Heating Systems are proud to offer the  Aircycle 3.1 which is a HRV Heating System that offers high performance in a compact package. This makes it ideal for most homes. The Aircycle 3.1 is both SAP Appendix Q Approved and Energy Savings Trust ‘Best Practice’ compliant. Its efficient performance significantly contributes to lower Dwelling Emission Rates (DER’s) in SAP and is suitable for use in sustainable homes being built to 8+ star energy ratings. With the Aircycle 3.1 you can now build a super tight building envelope and still provide sufficient air flow and combined FIR heating for unsurpassed comfort levels

    The Aircycle 3.1 also eliminates many issues caused by poor indoor air quality within the home such as condensation and the resultant formation of ‘black mould’.  The advanced air filtration system of the Aircycle 3.1 also ensures that the home environment is much more friendly to allergy and asthma sufferers alike because they will be breathing filtered air.

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    A HRV Heat Exchanger from Heat On Heating Systems provides an effective and efficient way to use renewable energy to help keep your house warm during winter whiel helping you to reduce your energy bills. To find out more about our HRV Heating Systems, feel free to call us on 1300 737 104 or you can use our website contact form. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication to serving our customers, and look forward to being able to help you.

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