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Heating And Ventilation Systems

Aircycle is a compact design for heating and ventilation


    People always look for ways to make their home more comfortable for beloved family members. The majority of Australians live alongside the coastline, where four seasons exist with mild winters and warm summers. During summer, the humidity level spikes to 65%, with an average temperature of twenty-three degrees Celsius. The humidity drops in the autumn and spring season. The winter season is mild for coastline cities, with an average temperature of seven degrees Celsius and below freezing point in some areas. Keeping in view the Australian climate, it becomes vital to have a comprehensive heating and ventilation system at the home, office or for commercial purposes for a better living environment.

    Some old homes in Australia may still have outdated ventilation systems relying on cracks, windows, and doors to circulate airflow in the building. This type of ventilation depends on the climate, and you may not get the same ventilation all the time. Such buildings must be updated with modern energy solutions for a better atmosphere and a healthy lifestyle.

    Modern Home Design:

    Insulation involves securing your home sweet home from external weather conditions. During hot summer, the insulation will create barriers against warm conditions and keep the house warm in winter. A well-insulated home will payoffs for many years, and you will get year-round comfort. Insulating your home makes sure to cut the heating and cooling costs. Here, some Australian homeowners may struggle to maintain the inside atmosphere at a welcoming level due to their existing ventilation system. The poorly designed ventilation system may ruin the benefits of insulating the building. It will draw cold air in winter and warm air in summer, causing thermal discomfort to residents.

    Heat On is a family-owned Australian energy solution provider that is serving for over 15 years. We offer the best products that meet the customer’s requirements and reduce the energy bills by large. Our products are rated as sustainable as modern technology helps in lowering the use of electricity which is mainly generated via diesel or coal. Heat On offers compact solutions to ensure that there is no junky hardware to confuse you. Our heating and ventilation systems include a series of products that efficiently ventilate your home, and you need not turn on your heating system.

    Typically, you may be shocked by the cold outside air that comes with fresh air during the ventilation process. Our Heat Recovery Ventilation collects bad indoor air from rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, walkways and halls and supplies quality fresh air. The system works by recovering heat from extracted stale air and mix it with fresh incoming air via a heat exchanger. Each of the wet rooms is supplied with an extract valve to remove the polluted atmosphere. The habitable rooms are fitted with a supply valve for fresh, heated air via the heat exchanger.

    Aircycle Units for Heat Recovery Ventilation:

    Heat On offers performance-driven ventilation systems that are known for their heat recovery feature as well. You will be happy by installing Aircycle at your home or office as it will supply you with fresh quality air and reduce the heating cost. Aircycle MHRV is available in three different capacities to entertain small, medium and large buildings, apartments and offices. Some of our customers have even installed them for agriculture applications.

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