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Heat Recovery Extractor Fan Bathroom

Save Money on Energy Bills by Installing Heat Recovery Extractor Fan Bathroom Offered By Heat-On Heating Systems


    The Ventilation System is designed in such a way as to provide fresh air to the residents of buildings, corporate offices and industrial units. The primary aim of any ventilation system is to remove the pollutants from residing area to offer healthier space. Though we have many ventilation systems that are optimised for efficiency and reliable performance, still a major portion of Australian homeowners are using outdated manual ventilation system which is causing them to spend more on energy bills. Save money on energy bills by installing a heat recovery extractor fan bathroom offered by Heat-On Heating Systems.

    The typical Australian ventilation system may be opening windows and doors to let the fresh air enter the building and directing the contaminated and polluted air via cross airflow. This system isn’t efficient as during winter, this system will drive out the heat of the building causing thermal discomfort, while during summer, you will lose the cooling of the building to allow the flow of fresh air. Those who have upgraded their ventilation a bit may have deployed a fan to force the flow of airflow, however this fan still missing the features of a Heat Recovery Ventilation or HRV. The primary aim of an HRV system is to eliminate polluted air, CO2, bad smell and avoid any mould build-ups and extract the heat from the air to provide it to fresh air via a heat exchanger to offer back to habitable areas.

    The Australians are recommended to insulate their buildings to have authority to manipulate the climate. A well-insulated home will save by reducing the energy cost equally both in winter and in summer, as well as the external environment will not interrupt the home’s environment. However, the insulation of any building also requires the ventilation system to circulate the fresh air within the premises and here the Heat Recovery Ventilation system works best.

    Coming towards polluted and contaminated air, bathrooms are the major source of contaminating the air of a home, office or any building as the deposits of gases in a bathroom must be thrown away as early as possible to have a fresh and energetic feeling. Here you would need a gadget that would be a heat recovery extractor fan bathroom to replace the stale air with a fresh one, and this extractor will return the heat towards the bathroom without losing heat to avoid any thermal discomfort to you. The heat recovery fans have a tendency to achieve 75% efficiency by recovering a huge amount of heat from stale air. This way you can save more bucks monthly on energy cost and can join hands for a more sustainable approach by reducing the dependency on electricity produced by fossil fuel for heating the building.

    The heat recovery fan for the bathroom is tasked to improve the air quality of the bathroom and surrounding areas, and there will be no external elements like pollen allergens that can harm you and your health. The system is also perfect for asthma sufferers as the bathroom ventilation system makes sure to avoid any external contamination to incoming air.

    Heat On offers modern ventilation systems that not only provide quality air but also recover the heat from extracted air. We are Australian based business and specialise in providing heating solutions across the country. We prioritise and focus on the needs and demands of our customers.

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