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Heat Recovery Air Conditioning

Heat Recovery & Recirculation System – HRV Air Conditioning


    Get HRV Air Conditioning to Cut Down your Heating Bills

    Heat recovery (HRV) air conditioning is an environmentally friendly way of making the most of energy that is already present and reducing the amount of energy needed to warm the internal spaces of a building.

    A heat recirculation system works by drawing on warm air already present in a property and getting it to work that little bit harder by recycling that warm air, so the heat doesn’t escape into the atmosphere.  For businesses and industry, heat recovery can make the work place and factory floor a far more efficient place, while for domestic premises, a heat recovery system could help save on energy bills and keep the house warm during the winter months.

    Heat On Heating Systems are specialists in the supply and fitting of heat recirculation systems for domestic and commercial applications. We can advise the best solution to suit your specific needs and show how you can save money on heating and energy bills, while controlling the climate in your building in an environmentally friendly way.

    HRV air conditioning is based on the physics of heat transference. It works independently of your normal heating system. In each room there are filtered ventilation ducts that feed air in and out of the room. The air makes it way to a heat exchanger which is the heart of the heat recirculation system.

    HRV air conditioning involves the recovery of heat in stale moist air before it is expelled into the atmosphere and transferring this heat energy across to fresh air being drawn into the building. Heat transference is done through a system of separate pipes, with one set of pipes carrying warmer stale air to the outside, and the other bringing in cooler fresh air. The incoming air is effectively warmed up through passive heat radiation that is recovered from the outgoing air. Fans and ducting move the new fresh air into whichever rooms are connected to the ventilation system. Heat recovery air conditioning succeeds in helping to keep down overall heating costs, and  because the incoming air is constantly being filtered, the quality of air within the building remains cleaner and healthier than the air that is being expelled to the outside.

    Removing stale moist air from rooms with high humidity also results in a more pleasant work or living environment and helps to prevent condensation and limit the potential for growth of moisture loving mould.

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