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    High-Quality and Efficient Heat Exchange Ventilation System with Fan for Refreshed and Healthier Home

    Everyone wants to keep their home warm enough to live comfortably. Basically, keeping the house warm is a necessity, not a luxury. However, heating systems can cause huge energy bills to keep the temperature of your home to a certain level and it is because of the heat lost when you open your doors or windows for some fresh air. You can control these bills and reduce them considerably by installing a heat exchange ventilation system offered by Heat-On Heating Systems. We are one of the leading companies in the market and provide high-quality and efficient heat vent at affordable rates.

    In every home, water vapours are released into the air from the kitchen and bathrooms that is bad for the air quality if there is not any new air coming in to push the old air out. Our heat exchange ventilation fan has a range of air flow methods with warmth recovery offering 100% air filtered out for low vitality and passive home buildings. Our systems can offer you important financial savings. They will get well up to 80% of the power that’s usually lost via windows and return it again to the heating system. With our ventilation techniques, you actually stop throwing cash out the window.

    There is an ever rising demand for vitality saving know-how and improved building methods to assist this. With a rise in building airtightness, there is a want for effective air flow to offer improved indoor air high quality. Heat-On heat vent has a variety of ventilation methods that can assist to cut back the influence of humidity indoors. These techniques successfully exchange inside air with fresh air from the exterior. The ventilation system uses a novel cross heat trade system that exchanges air from inside with contemporary air from outside without the two mixing.

    Why Heat Exchange Ventilation?

    Ventilation by way of open home windows is not at all times ideal, particularly in the course of the colder months if you end up attempting to keep your premises warm. The use of an efficient heat recovery ventilator will help to maintain a fresh ambience and help to recover up to 80% of the warmth created inside.

    Heat recovery ventilation, also called HRV, provides contemporary air and improved heat management, whereas also saving energy by decreasing heating requirements. Using mechanical ventilation techniques, the air is introduced into the building from outside and a supply of recovered heat, thereby offering fresh air with cost-effective heating.

    Our heat exchange ventilator helps in keeping your home refreshed, comfortable, and healthier for living. While drawing out the stale and moisturised air from your house, our heat exchange ventilation fan recovers more than 80% of heat energy and then recycles it. This heat energy is then provided to the fresh air coming in the home which is then filtered through stages and finally, you will get a fresh filter air with almost the same temperature.

    The heat exchanger not solely transfers this heat but removes moisture from the incoming air as well and transfers it to the stale air being exhausted. This technology ensures that the cooling and heat of your indoor atmosphere will be kept as you desire using minimum power. Thus, you can rest assured to save a wholesome of amount on energy bills.

    This heat ventilation process makes it energy efficient that helps in keeping the client inside the home warm, which results in reduced usage of the heater. With reduced usage of the heater, you can rest assured to save money.

    The balanced pressure warmth restoration unit has a supply fan, an exhaust fan, and a warmth trade core. It draws contemporary ‘dry’ air from the outside and exhausts damp air from the home. Moreover, the transfer of warmth is completed without mixing the two air streams being exhausted and brought in. This ensures that the heat is recovered while removing all the pollution from your indoor environment, making it hygienic.

    Who It Works:

    Our heat exchange vent is a passive house heat exchange ventilation system. It is an efficient way of controlling the internal temperature of a building while bringing in the fresh air from the outside to improve the indoor air quality. It controls the temperature of the indoor environment by using heat transfer technique through which the heat will be transferred from the warmer air to the cooler air.

    Through a system of fans, vents and ducting, and a warmth exchanger which is usually mounted in the roof cavity of the building, the air is circulated throughout the building. The warmth restoration ventilation unit accommodates a heat exchanger that is positioned between the outgoing and incoming air. Warm and chilly air cross one another throughout the heat exchanger by way of a system of small pipes without mixing bodily. Heat is drawn from the stale air and transferred across to the incoming outside air, which is at a cooler temperature.

    Why Heat-On?

    There are many companies in the market that are offering heat exchange ventilation fan. When it comes to the quality of product and efficiency in the ventilation of a building, Heat-On comes on top. Heat-On is one of the most trusted companies in the market. We have been in this business for more than fifteen years and have gained extensive experience in this field. The satisfaction of our customers is at the forefront of our priorities, which we achieve by providing them with durable and efficient heat exchange ventilation systems.

    We are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of quality and customer service and supplying families and businesses around the world with the best in heating technology. Most of our business is from word of mouth recommendations, and it stands a testament to the quality of products we provide.

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