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Heat Energy Recovery System

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    Get a Heat Exchange System for Fresh Warm Air Throughout Your Home

    A heat energy recovery system is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly way of keeping your home warm and improving the circulation of air throughout your rooms.

    Improvements in building efficiency, such as insulation and weather stripping, have meant that buildings are intentionally being made more airtight, and consequently less well ventilated. Heat energy recovery systems provide ventilation without the loss of heat or humidity, which otherwise may place stress on a building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

    A heat exchange system introduces fresh air into a building and improves climate control, whilst promoting efficient energy use. When windows and doors are kept closed in homes, warm air builds up through simple living activities such as cooking, cleaning, showering and even breathing. As much as up to 40 litres of moisture can be added to a family home in single day of such activities. This increase in humidity can lead to condensation and the growth of unwanted mould and mildew. A heat energy recovery system will extract the moist air from inside the home and replace it with fresh dry air from outside.

    A heat energy recovery system harnesses the physics of heat transference to recover the heat present in air that is already inside the building. Stale, moist internal air is sent by fans to the outside and replaced with fresh incoming air. The heat exchange system will transfer or exchange the heat energy present in the air being expelled across to incoming cooler air.

    This is done through a system of separate pipes – one lot transferring stale air outside, and another pipe system carrying in fresh air. The incoming air is effectively warmed up through passive heat radiation from energy that is recovered from the outgoing air. The new fresh air, once warmed up, is then filtered and sent through a system of fans into bedrooms, lounge rooms or any other rooms connected to the ventilation system. The heat energy recovery system thereby helps to keep down overall heating costs, while improving the air quality in the home. The filtered incoming air is in fact cleaner and healthier than the air that is being expelled from the building.

    Removing stale moist air from rooms such as bathrooms and laundries results in a decrease in overall humidity within the home. As well as making the home more comfortable, this process helps to prevent condensation and limit the potential for growth of moisture loving mould.

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