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glass radiant heating panels

Heat-On Heating Systems Offers Reliable Glass Radiant Heating Panels and That Too at an Affordable Price


    When it comes to heating the area whether it is a room, a commercial property, office, kitchen, bathroom, or industrial property, everyone wants a perfect product that can not only warm the area but also provide direct heat. If you are looking for a perfect heating solution for whichever property, you do not have to worry anymore. Heat-On Heating Systems, one of the top companies in the market, offers reliable glass radiant heating panels and that too at an affordable price.

    Our high-quality and long-lasting glass heater is a perfect way to add heat to your room. These heaters that we provide come with radiant heating panels that work using the FAR infrared technology. This technology provides direct warmth to the people there and the solid objects placed in the area. Moreover, these glass heating panels offered by Heat-On Heating Systems are not just functional and reliable but elegant and safe as well. When installed in your room of any decoration, they will complement the décor.

    We offer these heating systems at an affordable price as well as by installing these panel heaters, you can rest assured to save up to 40% energy which will ultimately help you save money. Hence, there is no need to put a dent in your wallet by installing conventional heaters.

    Our glass panel heaters offer an elegant, contemporary look whilst delivering all the comforts of improved comfort and low running costs. Our heaters are a popular choice for kitchens, studies, offices, and for homeowners wanting a modern look throughout their property.

    Why Choose Our Glass Panels?

    Available in different sizes and colors, our panels are not only energy-efficient but stylish and sleek. These are the latest edition to the heating panel market created to satisfy the demand of diverse interior designers. We need to know that glass is a timeless material and the glass infrared radiant heating panels were created with the purpose of lighting and heating homes and apartments but also for various formal interiors, halls, or modern offices. We must know that a glass heating panel is composed of 12 mm glass, a heating element, a limiting thermostat, and a supply cable. This system is quite smart and advance and every type of property can easily install this to have a delighted environment.

    Benefits of use:

    • It has an environmentally friendly heating method and doesn’t produce CO2.
    • These panels have proven to reduce heating expenses by up to 12%.
    • They barely occupy any space because they are made from 12 mm glass or 8 mm.
    • These are very versatile and can be positioned on diverse surfaces in your home.
    • It is taken as a favorite heating method for allergy sufferers because dust doesn’t get burnt and is less transported.
    • It also helps in preventing the formation of mold.
    • This installation is perfect for rooms that are colder than others.

    The glass panel is made of very strong safety glass and this is the only completely transparent infrared heating panel. There append chromed end caps and cover strips give the unit a special elegance, so this heater fits in any room, a private home or apartment, office, shop, studio, and several other spaces. A special coating is applied to the glass through which electricity flows, creating energy that heats the glass panel as long as the glass itself.

    This panel can be used not only as a complete heating mechanism, or full heating, but also as additional heating, or transitional heating. Through this system, you can save up to 65% on electricity costs compared to conventional heating systems. We recommend using transparent glass heating panels to achieve maximum energy efficiency. Our systems deliver completely ready for connection with an approx. 1.5 m long connection cable including plug and wall brackets.


    • It has unique patented technology
    • Its front surface is made from high-quality glass
    • Contains stainless steel
    • It has a frameless design
    • Featured with wall mounting
    • It has 85-90% infrared radiation, 10-15% convection heat
    • It possesses long service life
    • This glass heating panel is equipped with a power plug
    • It contains a wall distance of 40 mm

    Our glass heaters are unique heating panels, energy-saving, inexpensive to buy, and durable machines. These are not only excellent heat sources but also a great eye-catcher. Above all, our panels are intended for heating of modern interiors of all kinds of spaces in which they not only fulfill the function of a heater but also become an important design element. The surface of this structure consists of a particularly robust glass and the surface temperature is about 80 – 85°C. We need to know that touching the surface is easily possible and burning is impossible because the thermal conductivity of glass is much lower. So our device is absolutely harmless even for small children and animals and everybody will be safe from this quality-assured installation.

    Our heater has a quality design, and through the processing of high-quality materials the highest quality. We ensure the life of a glass heater almost unlimited and the heating elements are almost wear-free. The particularly high energy efficiency of 98% saves you valuable energy costs and makes our heater more durable. The glass is available in several colors, it is frameless and with a high-quality round cut. The installation of our heating panels is very easy and there is a need to simply attach the panel to the wall, plug in the power plug, and start it.

    Better Heat Flow:

    All of our machines are certified and ensure the long last results. Our heating panels are wall-mounted which saves space and gives you peace of mind knowing your heater is safely installed for use in any space. Using standard heaters from around your home can be dangerous and all you need to do is to approach us to get a quality machine.

    Get in Touch:

    To book your glass radiant heating panels, get in touch with our friendly customer care representatives by calling at, Tel: 1300 737 104. If you have any queries, you can send them via email at paul@heat-on.com.au.

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