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Fresh Air Systems For Homes

Fresh Air Exchange Systems for Homes at Affordable Prices



    Today’s homes can all benefit from a fresh air system which can simply and economically replace stale, moisture laden air with warm, filtered air.

    A fresh air exchanger system consists of an installation in the home of fans, vents and ducting. These are designed to move air in and out of a building and transfer heat through a heat recovery exchanger. Heat is kept inside the building during this process, and at the same time, fresh air goes to where it is most needed.

    Typically, the exchanger unit is mounted in the roof cavity of a building, and warm, moisture laden air is extracted from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry and then passes through the exchanger. At this point the latent heat trapped in the outgoing air gets transferred across to fresh air coming in from the outside. Both sets of air volumes travel through independent pipes, so the stale air itself never comes in contact with the fresh air. It is only the heat that is transferred across. The incoming fresh air, which has been warmed up, is filtered and distributed by fans into other rooms of the home such as bedrooms, lounge rooms or anywhere else where clean warm air may be required.

    Having a fresh air exchanger system means that unwanted lingering smells and dampness, which can occur in kitchens and bathrooms, can be removed through the simple circulation of air. This is an ideal way to remove the potential for mould and mildew occurring in these rooms.

    The use of a fresh air exchanger system ensures that incoming air is cleaner and healthier than the air which is being expelled from the building. Also, because heat is being kept inside the building, it is an economical way of keeping down overall heating costs.

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