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    Are you fed up of getting your old traditional heater repaired again and again and do not want to spend more money on that trash again? Well, you do not have to do so. All you have to do is call a trash collector and hand it over to them to get it dumped. Once you are done with that, the next step is to contact Heat-On Heating Systems, one of the leading companies in the market to provide you with energy efficient panel heater with energy recovery ventilator. We are the top company in providing these products and strive to provide our clients with the perfect solution according to their needs and requirements.

    Our panel heaters are the perfect blend of functionality and style. The sleek and beautifully designed panel can be installed with any décor and designing and it will perfectly complement the area. If needed and the panel is not matching with the colour scheme of your room, you can get it painted. Moreover, the energy efficient panel heater offered by Heat-On Heating Systems is economical and uses less energy compared to the traditional ones.

    It transfers more than 80% heat to objects and people that retain it for longer. When installed energy recovery ventilator as well, the efficiency increases and the heat transferred to the air will also not be wasted. Thus, order your heating systems today and enjoy the benefits.

    We need to know that panel heater is the name sometimes given to budget convection heaters sold at the bottom end of the electric heating marketplace. They are not the infrared panel heaters which are top-of-the-range electric heating products. The main difference between panel heaters and our electric radiators is that the panels only produce heat through convection, typically using hot elements and a fan to blow hot air around the room.

    If you want to use these as the primary source of heat in a room, you will need to choose a wattage that is appropriate for the size of the room. The bigger the room, the more power will be required to keep it warm. Competing products with the same wattage may not offer heating for the same size areas, the area offered will depend in large part upon the efficiency of the panel and when there is a need to have the quality assured systems in Australia, we are the sole company that always deliver the best and incomparable equipment.

    Our panel heater is designed for a certain maximum size room area and there are several models with incomparable features we have to meet the people needs.  All you have to do is ensure your room size before application and our machines are always ready to assist in managing the desired environment people want to have.

    You must not forget to consider the physical size of your panel heaters when making your choice. Must ensure the dimensions of the products you’ve chosen do not exceed the size of the spaces where they will be installed. It’s always a good idea to check your measurements when assessing the size of your wall spaces.

    Electric panel heaters use less power and give out a less intense heat than some other portable electric heaters. They’re considered to be reasonably energy efficient as far as electric heaters go. They are a little slower to heat up than some other electric heaters though, so aren’t necessarily as appropriate in places where heat is needed quickly and for relatively short amounts of time.

    This machine has several advantages and some of them are discussed below.


    • These are cheaper to run than other types of electric heaters
    • Little maintenance required
    • These are Clean and Quiet
    • A range of thermostatic controls maximizes operation, saving energy, and improving efficiency.
    • These ensure that the room can be held at the required temperature, creating a constant, comfortable environment.
    • The technology ensures rooms heat up rapidly and, when the heater is switched off, it will react just as quickly.

    These heaters are an example of direct-acting heaters, providing heat only for the time they are drawing energy. This makes them efficient as they provide instant warmth directly at the point of use. Our heaters use standard rate of electricity to heat up space quickly using convection heat. A wide range of controls maximizes operation, letting the user time their heating in line with their occupancy. They heat the air and start by passing the cool air through the heater. The way that they work, they are considered to be the most efficient and the best way of heating rooms.

    The major reasons for this application would be:

    • It is a fact that you always want to heat the rooms especially in the winter season in which everything gives unwanted experience.
    • You always need it to back up your main heating system.
    • You always want to heat the rooms that you use widely like bedrooms, offices, and all such spaces.

    Fair Rates:

    Among all the real-world attributes, there is a factor of the price that is linked with us all. With this, we have maintained all the machines with fair rates and these are quite less as compared to the other brands. We must know that several brands that exist on this earth have their precise products with specific prices. With the concern of price, our energy recovery ventilator is managed with reasonable rates that can easily be afforded by all classes of people. Our machines are incomparable in performance and prices are also low that distinguish us from the other companies.

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