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Electric Radiant Heater

Stay Warm Indoors with Our State-Of-The-Art Electric Radiant Heater. Transform Chilly Evenings into Cozy Nights with Our Outdoor Radiant Heaters.

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    The convection heating units for domestic and commercial usage can cause you to pay more via monthly billings. The answer is an efficient alternate heating system to a convection system, which is an electric radiant heater. It offers state of the art facilities, including reduced space, as they can be mounted to walls, ceiling and even under the floor as well. You can also adjust the heat via the thermostat controller. The radiant heating system works for a particular area rather than heating the entire room or house, and that approach can save you a lot of money. Further, the radiant heating system targets objects to provide them heat rather than just heating the surrounding air and then objects. If you are looking for a premium quality radiant heater, do not fret! Heat-on Heating Systems provides reliable heaters at an affordable price.

    As the radiant heating system targets objects to provide heating, objects like walls, floors, furniture, and other gadgets will be warm and can store heat for a long time. This approach is ideal for a family that includes mature persons, toddlers and pets. You just need to install the radiant heaters in the desired locations and enjoy the heating. The toddlers normally need to crawl a lot, and the typical ancient heating unit only heats the air, not objects, so your baby will feel discomfort due to the cooler floor. As the ancient heating system heats the air, you will lose the heat via open windows, doors, cracks in walls or ventilation. This is not the case, as the electric radiant heater is optimized to store the heat in objects just like we get heat from sunlight.

    Why Electric Radiant Heater?

    The electric radiant heater is famous for its space-saving approach, which doesn’t require open space. Instead, you can mount them on a wall or ceiling. The unit radiates the thermal energy along the walls, ceiling, and floor. The stored heat is released slowly over time. This approach is also known as room enclosure temperature control. This is not only affordable by conserving energy but also healthy as it avoids the circulation of air to welcome the allergens, dust and pollen grains into the house.

    These low-price infrared radiant heating panels are easy to install, and you can do it yourself or hire a professional to do the job like a pro. You just need to mark the holes where you want to install the panels, drill them, adjust the panel and lung into any normal socket. The good thing is that it doesn’t even need the high voltage current.

    These are not just heating panels. You can choose from different designs. You can choose from stylish picture frames, mirrors, useful chalkboards, and many from a list of ideas to decorate your home according to your home decor theme. There is no need to worry about your toddlers, as these panels are safe enough and are harmless. Instead, you can educate them via chalkboard design to draw pictures or use them for other educational purposes.

    Outdoor Radiant Heaters – The Perfect Option for Thermal Comfort

    Heating for Australian homeowners who love sitting outside during the winter season is crucial, and the typical fan heater or ancient convection heating doesn’t comply with the situation. Here, outdoor radiant heaters are an ideal option for such people to provide them with thermal comfort in their home’s open space and gardening area. The convection heating system tends to increase electricity consumption, and you have to pay more for even that heating that you aren’t using at all. The convection heating system works by heating the air first then cover the surrounding objects, which is not suitable for outdoor areas. If you want to install an efficient radiant heater in your place, Heat-on has got you covered. We offer highly proficient radiant heaters at reasonable prices.

    An example of convection heating could be a central heating system using a gas boiler, storage heaters, electric panel heaters or ages-old fireplaces using coal, gas or wood. All these types of heaters work on the same principle of warming the air. It is the limitation of the convection heating system as it depends on the movement of air, and it could avoid the cold spots in the room. in the case of outdoor areas, a lot of energy will be wasted in the open air.

    Outdoor Radiant Heater – Your Ideal Winter Partner

    On the other hand, the outdoor radiant heater is ideal for any outdoor seating. These heaters use radiation to heat the surfaces, not warm the air, which is a productive approach. Radiant heating is just like sunlight. It emits infrared radiation that travels unhampered till the radiation hits a solid obstacle, and these physical objects will get energy in the form of heat. Thus, it can be said that it acts just like the sun. This is because radiation heating comes directly, so objects and people will feel heat more quickly than convection heating, even at a low chilling temperature in outdoor areas during the winter season.

    The radiant heaters also work efficiently in homes and indoor facilities, and there is no need to worry in case of door or window opening as the heat is being stored in objects, not in the air, which will escape in case of an open door.

    You might think that radiation is bad or harmful to humans. Though radiant heaters haven’t become so common in Australia, and the term radiation may sound terrifying to you. With tested results and performance, radiant heaters are becoming widely accepted products, while infrared radiation is human-friendly and doesn’t cause any health risks at all. You shouldn’t mix the radiant heaters with Ultra Violet Lights or UV Lights as UV is harmful to humans, and you should avoid contact with UV rays, not infrared radiant heating systems.

    Heat On is an Australian based family business that provides Australian heating solutions focusing on productivity and at a reduced cost by using a sustainable and efficient range of products. Our product range includes infrared radiant heating panels, wall panels, ceiling panels, heat pumps, solar systems and ventilation systems. These products suit homes, commercial or industrial facilities or any agriculture application. Our outdoor heating units are a priority for Australians who love to spend time in the garden or nature-close area of their home.

    Heat On believes in sustainable and self-sufficient building designs and offers products that not only provide premium services but also reduce energy costs by using state-of-the-art technology.

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