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electric panel heaters wall mounted

Portable, Lightweight, Long-Lasting, and the Best Electric Panel Heaters That Can Be Wall Mounted


    Do you have a conventional heater on which you spend a lot of money every year for maintenance and repairs and also you cannot sleep peacefully because of the fear of it catching fire? You may want to have a heater that is maintenance-free as well as safe so that you can sleep peacefully at night. If you are looking for a perfect heater that is safe and economical as well, Heat-On Heating Systems has got you covered with the best electric panel heaters in the market.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Heat-On Heating Systems, we have been providing high-quality and reliable heaters to the people of Australia for years. Our products are the perfect blend of style and function. When purchased from us, you can rest assured that they will not disturb the decoration of your house or room as it will perfectly blend with the décor.

    Electric panel heaters wall mounted offered by Heat-On Heating System are portable, lightweight, and compact. Hence, you can move them from one room to another without any hassle and fuss. Moreover, they are easy to mount as well. You do not need any plumbing, ductwork, or any other hectic work to install them and you can get this job done easily and safely.

    We need to know that electric panel heaters wall mounted are specifically designed to heat up quickly and can be used to provide a rapid and pleasant warmth. It can be installed independently from your main central heating system, making them a popular choice for heating less frequently used rooms such as spare bedrooms or as a temporary backup. We have a wide range of panel heaters, from basic models to advanced, with energy-saving features. All of our products are stylish and occupy minimum wall space and are perfect for small rooms such as bedrooms, studies, conservatories.

    They heat the air that is in the room and start by passing the cool air through the heater. This creates what is known as a heating cycle, where the cooler air in the room sinks, goes through the heater, and then rises when it gets warm until all of the air in the room is heated and a constant temperature has been achieved. The way that they work, they are considered to be the most efficient way of heating rooms. As the method of heating that is used is convection, this means that as soon as the heater is turned off, the air starts to cool and the warmth will be lost.

    Our machines are not expensive to run and the amount of energy used will depend on how large and cold the room is. Like the other similar products, these heaters will use normal rate electricity, however, our range features highly accurate thermostats to help reduce running costs by avoiding over-heating space. To reduce more cost, we have a number of thermostats and timers with advanced timers for even greater temperature control and economy

    The major reasons for this application would be:

    • You always want to heat the rooms especially in the winter season in which everything dispenses an unwanted cooling experience.
    • You always require a heater to back up your main heating system and it can be anything from backing up storage heaters that are frequently running out of charge.
    • You always want to heat a room that you only use occasionally, such as a home office or a spare bedroom.

    Our heaters provide near-instant, portable heating that excels in secondary spaces such as guestrooms and home offices. In addition to it, panel heaters offer a temporary heat boost that works alongside your main system, warming spaces via convection. These are easy to use, and representing exceptional value for money, these heaters are a superb choice for secondary warmth throughout the home. Our wide range includes heaters with quality programming, timers, and thermostats, attachable feet.

    Our best electric panel heaters are direct-acting, using standard rate electricity to heat a space up quickly by using convection heat. A wide range of controls maximizes operation and makes the users able to adjust the room according to their requirements. These ensure rooms heat up rapidly, and accurate thermostats ensure that the room is warm for the period of time selected. Our quality assured systems are widely adopted by the people and these systems are the best options to make the spaces perfectly established. There is no company that can supply the best machine as we do and our appliances are incomparable in quality and prices too.

    Our Appliances Contain Energy-Saving Features:

    Each of our appliances is maintained with energy-saving features and saves people from huge costs. With a fully programmable thermostat and user-friendly controls, our heaters put you in total control over how much energy you use. It brings the easiness to generate the same amount of temperature as they desire to bring in their desired corners.  It helps to cut heating bills by getting the room temperature just how you like it down to the degree and program your heater to turn on or off according to your schedule. Countless features are added to this machine with the only purpose to bring the best environment.

    Fair Rates:

    With the concern of prices, we have maintained all the machines with fair rates and our prices are quite less as compared to the other brands. We need to know that there are several brands that exist on this earth and every company is associated with its specific products and services to serve the people according to their demands. With the concern of price, our panel heaters are managed with reasonable rates that can easily be afforded by all classes of people. Our machines are not just incomparable in performance but prices also distinguish these from the other companies.

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    If you need any information about our products or you want to order the best electric panel heaters, do not fret! All you have to do is get in touch with our friendly customer care representatives by giving us a call at, Tel: 1300 737 104.

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