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Electric Infrared Heating- A healthy way to keep yourself warm during winters. t

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    The electric infrared heater uses the principle of the sun. It warms the objects around it. Thus, an infrared heater is essentially warming our bodies directly instead of warming the air and wasting energy. Radiations instead of air currents carry out infrared heating. Therefore it is very effective. Infrared heaters are silent as they only emit a soft orange glow while they are turned on. An infrared heater can be used in offices and homes depending upon usage and application.

    Heat-on Heating Systems provides excellent quality infrared heaters. Our heaters will keep you warm while working efficiently and effectively on energy consumption. Heat-on Heating Systems infrared heaters are built to keep your property warm without wasting additional energy. As market leaders, we take pride in our energy-efficient infrared heater as we manufacture them to serve reliably and long-lasting.

    Why is infrared heater better than a traditional heater?

    An infrared heater is better than any other heating because of the following advantages.

    Infrared heat feels comfortable, and it takes effect immediately. While the air temperature may still be cool yet, we will feel comfortably warm.

    Infrared heating doesn’t blow around the air, so it doesn’t swirl up dust. Thus, your property remains clean, and the air is healthy.

    Since the infrared heater only heats the objects, not the air, energy is saved that would otherwise be used to warm the air for warming temperature.

    Humans are radiant to heat. Only 15% sense of comfort of human is dependent on air temperature and movement. In comparison, the rest of 60% sense of comfort is governed by radiant heat or loss. In other words, you will feel cold if you’re radiating heat to the outside world by your own body and vice versa.

    Applications for Infrared heaters:

    Electric infrared heaters are great for keeping your house or office warm. They use 30-40% less energy as compared to other types of radiant heaters. Henceforth infrared heaters help keep electricity costs significantly while fulfilling heating needs.

    Infrared heaters are good for health: 

    Infrared heaters are good for your health as they do not have any side effects or dangers of health. They are seamless as they do not require any additional preventions.

    Heat-on Heating Systems leading infrared heater: 

    Heat-on Heating Systems is a market leader when it comes to power solutions. Every product developed at Heat-on is committed to providing a premium experience to our customers. With years of experience in the market, Heat-on Heating Systems products are long-lasting, durable.

    When shopping for power solutions, the cost of a product is always a consumer concern. We at Heat-on Heating Systems understand the need for affordability. Our products are reasonably priced. The entire power solution range of Heat-on is affordable at great rates with top quality. Heat-on offers expert technicians for seamless, quick and trouble-free installations. We are committed to providing our customers with an excellent experience when you buy from us.

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