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Heat-on Heating Systems Offers Best Stand Alone Solar System at an Affordable Price

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    The fast-paced progress in solar products has resulted in the adoption of rooftop solar systems. That’s the major reason that people are installing more and more solar units either they are connected with the grid or they are off the grid. The premium quality of products drives people to choose the best available options rather than just choosing an average system. Now Aussies have access to the Best Stand Alone Solar System. Heat-on Heating Systems offers reliable and premium quality stand-alone solar systems. These systems are not only providing them with free solar energy but also plays a role in eliminating carbon footprints.

    Australians’ potential to generate rooftop solar electricity is calculated at 179 GW by the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering. However, by the end of 2018, Australians were generating only 8 GW of solar electricity using rooftop solar panels. Hence, there is still a huge opportunity that can be availed, and people can get rid of high electricity bills and freedom from announced or unannounced electricity breakouts.

    Off-Grid Solar Systems are ideal for those who want complete freedom from the local electricity supplier or for those who are located in remote areas.

    An ideal solar system includes the following key component :

    Solar Panels

    The photovoltaic solar panels are designed to capture the sunlight and generate the Direct Current electricity, which is then converted to Alternate Current via an inverter. Solar panels come with different power capacities, i.e., 150-watt solar panels, 300 watts solar panels. You would also need to consider voltage capacity as well, like 12v solar panel plates or 24v solar panels, and it will depend on the entire design of the solar structure.

    Solar Battery

    Solar Batteries are for those who want back up for solar electricity for use when there is no sunlight due to unfavourable weather conditions, during the evening or night time. Solar Batteries are Deep Cycle Solar Batteries designed for a longer life span and known for reliable performance. These batteries are superior to the 150 years old lead-acid battery technology, these are lithium batteries, and you can discharge them up to 90% of their capacity. In contrast, the lead-acid batteries were not comparable with those that were required to use only 50% of their capacity.

    Solar Inverter

    Solar Inverters are intelligent devices that are tasked to convert the DC into AC which is a type of electricity current meant for normal home appliances and provided by the national or local grid. Apart from that, most solar inverters come with solar charge controllers that provide overcharge protection to batteries. There are 12V Solar Inverters, 24V Solar Inverters, 48V Solar Inverters. Depending on your requirements, you have to choose the right solar inverter for your solar system.

    The statistics show that Australians are investing in their future by having Best Stand Alone Solar System for their household appliances. Heat On is a family-owned Australian business that is serving people for over the last 15 years with a mission to provide premium quality products and the best customer services. We always prioritise the state of art heating products to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Contact us on 1300 737 104 for business inquiry or write to us at paul@heat-on.com.au

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