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Best Heat Recovery Ventilator

Best Heat Recovery Ventilator for your house and office


    A modern home is built to function as an insulated unit working against the pollutant, dust particles and allergens. It maintains the internal temperatures to provide better insulation. These insulated houses act as a barrier against moisture by eliminating humidity and vapour. However, more insulation means more air getting entrapped inside your house, which means stale air if the ventilation is poor. Therefore you need the best heat recovery ventilator for your house. A heat recovery ventilator maintains the heated air inside your house while replacing the stale air with fresh air at regular intervals. This way, a heat recovery system warms the air coming inside without increasing your energy cost and utilizing the heat from the outgoing air. A heat recovery system is essentially a ventilation system with the capacity to reverse the heat from the outgoing air.

    Heat-On Heating Solutions manufactures excellent heat recovery systems. With years of experience and product research, we are market leaders for providing the best ventilation system to our valuable clients. Our heat recovery works great in keeping your energy cost down at all times. Heat-On Heating Solutions heat recovery ventilation system saves up to 80-85% of the heat and pumps it back into the system with fresh air. Heat-On Heating Solutions is committed to upscaling your breathing experience and making it healthy for you and your family. Our heat recovery ventilation system offers the best results with durable performance and long-lasting service life. Heat-On Heating Solutions is an excellent provider for heat recovery systems with long-lasting service life.

    Why is Ventilation Important?

    As discussed earlier, the modern home of today is shielded from the outside air in the form of insulation. As the house is air-leakage proof, there are numerous activities going on, such as cleaning, cooking, and washing. These produce pollutants, chemicals, and particles that are harmful to breathe. Henceforth, if not removed, the air becomes polluted. This ultimately leads to decreasing the quality of air being inhaled by your family. Therefore, proper ventilation is necessary to replace the stale air with fresh air. Cleaning and washing also cause moisture in the air, which leads to mold and fungi. Therefore, a ventilation system cleans out the air while heat recovery keeps the house warm without wasting too much energy.

    In total, the heat recovery system is bound to fulfil 2 major areas:

    Recovery of heat to keep the energy cost down.

    Supply the house with fresh air.

    Why is Heat Recovery System Important?

    In normal circumstances, air needs to be replaced after every hour in houses before it becomes stales and polluted. However, without a proper ventilation system, it is not possible. Therefore, you need the best heat recovery ventilator for a fresh and healthy breathing experience. A heat recovery system acts as a barrier against dust, pollens, allergens, and pollution in general. However, the ventilation system needs yearly maintenance or, in some cases, 6 months of maintenance, depending upon the area you live in. A ventilation system is indeed a safe investment for your and your family’s health.

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    Heat-On Heating Solutions specializes in providing ventilation heat recovery, heating systems, infrared heaters, wall panel heaters, and an ever-growing product list. We are committed to providing the best customer satisfaction at reasonable prices. Our expert technicians make the installation process easy. Heat-On Heating Solutions has been in the business of producing heating solutions for years. Therefore our products offer durability, safety usage, and long-lasting service. We at Heat-On Heating Solutions are committed to providing the best solutions to our valuable customers.

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