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Air Exchange Ventilation System

Update Ventilation System with modern Passive Heat Recovery Ventilator


    Gardens and green fields sound great for fresh, healthy air as we are out in the fresh air. However, we have to spend the most time in buildings, whether for residential or business purposes. Due to the increasing impacts of global warming, humans are adopting passive house building designs to reduce the ecological consequences. Similarly, the demand for a passive house ventilation system is at its peak, and people now show their social responsibility to play their role for a better living place.

    The modern ventilation systems are designed to recovery heat to lower the heating demand of the building. The house heat exchanger has been marked as environmentally friendly as they reduce the electricity demand. You know electricity is being produced by burning fossil fuel, or coal adds carbon dioxide to our environment. Heat On offers a range of heat recovery ventilators or HRV needed for every Australian home due to their efficient ventilation operation.

    Benefits of heat exchanger ventilator:

    Using a passive house heat exchanger ensures the indoor environment is free from bacteria and air pollutants by removing stale indoor air, especially from wet areas including bathroom and kitchen, and recovers the heat to maintain indoor temperature. The mechanical heat recovery ventilator is connected with two ducting pipes, one for fresh, cool outside air and the second for warm dirty indoor air. The MHRV purifies fresh air to improve its quality further by removing external hazards like pollens through a filter.

    The other pipes connected with the heat exchanger extract warm indoor polluted air from the bathroom, kitchen, and where required. In the ventilator, the two opposing air streams cross but never mix. Because of the proximity of the air flows, the temperature of outside cold air rises, and the dual impact is the reduction of temperature of indoor warm polluted air.

    After the filtration process using the home heat exchanger system, the fresh warm air is distributed to bedrooms and living areas using supply valves. We supply more supply valves for large areas to control and distribute the fresh air evenly. The vents make sure the airflow between different spaces,

    The heat exchange system for home will eliminate condensation and rotten smells from damp areas like the kitchen, baths, and toilet area. Our ventilation system intelligently controls and ensures the right amount of air in the directed area. So these domestic heat recovery ventilators add comforts, and there is no distraction of sound due to the ventilation system, while the heat loss will be the story of the past, and the entire house will be free of condensation. Our heat recovery ventilators can recover up to 93% energy efficiently and will lower your energy bills by many folds. This way, you will also support the cause of reducing carbon footprints. The mechanical heat recovery ventilators are ideal for reducing the load on your existing heating system, as very little heat will be required to maintain the thermal comfort to the desired level.

    Easy Maintenance:

    After initial installation, it’s very easy to maintain the MHRV systems as you only need to replace its filters after every nine to twelve months, which you can easily do. This will also save your money, which could unnecessarily go to other hands for the simple DIY maintenance task.

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